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01-10-2012, 11:50 AM
Shadow, this isn't a bug per se, since it doesn't occur with the main game.

However, I've noticed that my mod causes the hybrid randomize function (and hence the button and the general randomize button in character creation) not to work. The reason for this seems to be the hidden skill trees that I've added. I have an extra global tree that every class (including the hybrid) uses, and I also have a per-simple class (rogue, warrior etc) tree that reduces the biggest bonuses. For example, the warrior's 3 damage bonuses are reduced by 1 so that it's equivalent to a hybrid with 2 warrior subclasses for balance reasons.

I assume the randomize function chooses randomly from the existing skill trees. My extra trees appear to confuse it. Would it be possible to limit it to choosing from the first three skill trees in a class?

01-17-2012, 09:46 AM
These 2 bugs are related, though they're more basic to the modding functionality:

1. If an entry has a Base and you try to override that entry and replace the Base, it appears that the original Base still persists in addition to the new one. The entry then has multiple inheritance (the old Base and the new Base), when it's only supposed to inherit the new Base.

2. Objects referenced in the Models directory (doors etc) cannot be created in mod files. I'm guessing the Models are loaded straight after the regular *.gdb files, without doing the mod-overriding first. This is a potential problem for expansions and such.

As an example, I tried removing the HazardWood from ObjectDoor and creating another object, ObjectDoorWooden, that includes HazardWood. I then referenced ObjectDoorWooden in those door model files that looked wooden. I couldn't pull it off using the mod system -- the model files simply couldn't find ObjectDoorWooden.