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02-23-2012, 04:58 PM
We have a new interview over on GameShark (http://www.gameshark.com/features/893/Drox-Operative-Developer-Interview.htm). All of the questions cover topics about our upcoming space action RPG, Drox Operative.

02-23-2012, 10:35 PM
Great interview, Steven.

Based on the article, my most immediate concern was the number of dynamic quests. 300 just sounds like an awful lot. Having that much content be meaningful and interesting rather than filler sounds like a daunting task. I'm a big fan of less is more if more means repetitive or mundane content that has me doing uninteresting things over and over. If you've managed to keep the game exciting and make 300 quests that flow well I'll be ecstatic though. To be fair, the few I've seen described as examples thus far have seemed rather in depth.

I love the fact that the crew will have a personality. I got the impression that there may be some named, more RPGish characters onboard with you aside from the rank and file crew that essentially represent your "level" or perhaps in better terms the experience and cohesiveness of you and your crew. Is that accurate? Will I be flying around trying to hire/steal/rescue/impress potential crew member "heroes"? That would be awesome! I'd love to see these offered as rewards from alien races you've helped, from planet's you've saved, or even enemy heroes that grow dissatisfied with their current captain and want to join your cause.

How is our ship going to be controlled? Are we looking at mouse based or WASD to move the ship, or something else? Just curious.

Thank you for working on an independent game that will offer entertainment and challenge in a way that AAA publishers would never be brave enough to pursue.

02-24-2012, 08:02 PM
I don't think we really have any filler quests, but I'm kind of biased. I think it's actually a bit harder to have filler quests when everything is dynamic anyways. :)

You will have some named crew. I will hopefully add more to this, but there are some quests to recruit crew members.

You can control your ship with the mouse, WASD, or a combination. There are even a few options so you can customize this a little. The keys themselves are also customizable of course.