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03-08-2012, 12:50 AM
Hello! I've been a fan since I played DoP (found it on impulse!).

One of the (few!) things I felt was a little lacking in Din's Curse was the lack of multi-part and multi-objective quests. They weren't entirely lacking, but there was a little bit of a disconnect from thing to thing. Having lots of different quests to work on at once was great, but there was not by much of quest-lines. It caused a bit of a disconnect between the various things you were doing... You could tell you were getting closer to having the town saved due to less of a backlog of quests/being deeper in the dungeon, but it wasn't much of a visceral feeling to it. (I feel that having boss areas, much like the secret treasure places in DoP, could help with that. Things like 'gather keys from the lieutenants so you can get into his lair and take the baddie down')

Do you have any plans to have more multi-part/objective quests in Drox? Is that connection between actions achieved in another way?

Another thing that felt a little missing in DC was a lack of a log of progress toward helping the world. Clearly the world is a big place and while helping you're doing so in a fairly small way. Some way to give some scale as to how much you've accomplished would've (could be? ^_^) been great. For example: A map, populated with towns you've saved, their levels, and some details about the adventure or something, and potentially a way to 'choose the next town from the map'.

The features of Drox talk about the galaxy evolving, as you explore sector by sector. What kind of persistence if any is there as you travel from sector to sector? Is it like DC/DoP where only you carry over, or is there more going on? Would you mind please elaborating?

Last thing, how long in playtime is a sector of Drox expected to take? (say if a town in Din's is expected to take 1-5 hours)

Thank you so much. I really enjoy your games, and am really impresssed with your development cycle. Cheers!

03-09-2012, 09:18 AM
multi part quests is a good idea, love it!

03-13-2012, 03:56 PM
We have lots of multi-part quests but like DC by solving the first part you prevent the rest of the quest. This is backwards from the typical RPG of course. I still need to figure out ways to do normal quest chains while still allowing everything to be dynamic.

Each sector is still fairly isolated like towns were in DC.

The play time per sector really depends on what size of sector you choose. The smaller ones I believe are similar in time to DC towns.

03-13-2012, 10:28 PM
Thanks for the response!

Perhaps the reason multipart quests go the direction they do is they are more reactive than proactive? "Stop the problem" ends a quest line rather than "Cause something good to happen" which could require multiple parts in a relatively non-contrived manner. And that could be more involved and dynamic by having failure to complete those result in bad things.

You are given quest A.
A: If succeed, give quest B. Fail does nothing.
B: If succeed, give quest C. Fail give quest X.
C: If succeed, big reward. Fail gives quest Y/Ends questline.
X/Y: Simple prevent problem type quests.

A could be "Planet if provided with Something would BeProsperous. Go find Something."
B could be "Pirates want Something, attacking Planet, defend it!"
C could be "hunt down and destroy PirateLeader (loot Piratecache if victorious)"
X could be "Pirates have Something, turning into DoomsdayWeapon, defeat them!" [X failed could lead to a planet getting trashed]
No Y quest.

Take care, I hope the alpha is going well!

03-14-2012, 11:22 AM
We do have a few quests like that, but I would like to add more.