View Full Version : Game Idea - Stronghold + MMO strategy game

03-08-2012, 08:06 PM
I have this game idea I thought would just be a lot of fun to play.

There's no real MMO strategy games that aren't cash shops and aren't just a bunch of number crunching.

What I wanted to do was create a game much like Stronghold (the old old dos game) where you hired minions, and then sent them off to locations on the map. They'd then enter a battlefield at said location, they'd dance around and fight things in the area and level up gradually. If they died they died for good, and you could give them equipment.

The strategy part would be outfitting your characters (which you can have a lot of rpg characters, wizards/knights/rogues/ etc) and knowing where to send them. So you'd develop a town, and you'd acquire resources much akin to civilization, but then to simplify war you wouldn't have any real impact other than items and decisions made for where to send them. The battles would be completely AI based and random, the higher the level the characters get the smarter the AI. The stronger they hit. etc.

I've developed an online strategy game before, and the problem I always had was that the city building combined with the controlling of many characters was extremely difficult. In fact, most the time you'd just get over whelmed by how much you could do in a massive game where one player could control a large chunk of the game world, and have just way too much to manage.

If the combat was completely outside of your control, but you could watch the combat unfold (like stronghold, or settlers 3) would you enjoy a game like this?

03-13-2012, 03:47 PM
It sounds interesting. Gratuitous Space Battles is game that let's you setup a lot of the strategy type of stuff but doesn't let you control the battles themselves at all, so that type of thing has been done before.