View Full Version : Reemphasize: Item Drop Lies on the Probability

04-06-2012, 05:17 AM
A few days ago, a blue post mentioned Diablo 3 difficulty levels linked to loot quality. So there must be players have questions about item drop. Bashiok explains that the item drops in the game are not limited by difficulty, or level, or anything like that. While you’ll have a better chance to get better items in lowest level, you could get useless items in the highest level. It all depends on the probability. Of course, the chance to get a better item in higher level is much more than in the lower level -- From d3guyz.com.

Bashiok: I just wrote like three pages of a reply and the forums lost it when I clicked Preview. … *cry*
Ok what it boiled down to was:
• Read my previous post. It seems like some people glossed over it.
• I’m happy most of you are happy about the change, and I know you’re going to love the game.
• Those few of you who don’t like it, you’ll love the game too because you’re wrong. :)
• Item pools are not limited by Act, or Boss, or anything like that. While you’ll have a better chance to get better items in Act IV Inferno, you could get those same items in Act I, or even Hell.
• Our item pool philosophy is that you can break an urn and get the best item in the game – it’s all a matter of chance. Running more difficult areas and taking on more difficult enemies will not always be the most efficient way to find upgrades.
• Previously, Inferno difficulty was mlvl 61 across all of Inferno, and now it starts at mlvl 61 and ramps up quickly in Act I and ends somewhere around 65 (?) in Act IV. We’ve only increased the difficulty.
• I’m aware of internal bets on how many months it will take someone to beat Inferno.
• A flat Inferno of mlvl 61 had a small curb of difficulty, and once that was over you had nowhere else to progress and no reason to. That’s boredom.
• Boredom doesn’t generally come from content repetition, it comes from lack of ability to progress, or ease of progression.
• By having a sharp increase in difficulty in Inferno we can encourage progression without having a brick wall of difficulty.
I think that was about it. In any case, as I said, I know the vast majority of you are excited about the game, the change we made, and trying to progress in Inferno. Just don’t feel bad when you have to go back to Hell. :)