View Full Version : A few questions about NPC equipment.

04-15-2012, 06:48 AM
I have added all of the item slots to NPCs, voth my own and enemy covenants. I can equip my own members fine, however enemy covenant members do not equip items in their new slots. I have a few questions about this and balancing the new slots.

1. How can I get the AI to actually use the new equipment slots? Do I need to edit another file? If so which file?

2. I am aware that NPCs (aside from covenant heroes I believe) have been artificially boosted. I would like to balance the additional equipment by removing the artificial boost. How would I go about accomplishing this? Also is there any way to just remove the artificial boost from just my own npcs? The reason I ask that is that I am not sure if there will be a way to have the enemy NPCs actually use extra equipment so I might need to remove the boost from just my NPCS

3. Something else I was interested in fiddling with. I am using a mod that increases the size of the player party to 4 and max recruits to 8. Is their any way to have the NPC use a larger group while adventuring? Their NPCs always level so damned slow anyways. If that is not accomplishable, perhaps there is some way to increase the XP gain rate of the other covenants NPCs? I read in a post that changing the TimeBetweenAdventures might help accomplish this. Does anyone have any experience tweaking this setting?