View Full Version : I've Failed You

Delilah Rehm
06-14-2012, 03:19 PM
Sorry I didn't give me "tick, tick, tick," hint on twitter like I did last time. I thought about it, but was sucked into a book and couldn't free myself. True story. It was like a deadly trap of goodness. I will do better on the next game. I like that some of you hardcore people who go the extra mile get those little hints. I think you deserve them. :-)

As to the book, it's Louis L'Amour's Comstock Lode. It's the first western I've ever read and I liked it a lot. (Steven and my 10 yr old daughter may have made fun of me for reading a western, calling it boring. Sorry guys, I read wide. Though sff/h is my fave genre.) My grandmother died last year the day after Halloween from a heart attack. The book was one of hers. I like thinking that we just shared something, that there will be more to share with her even though she's no longer here.