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06-15-2012, 10:23 PM
Some of you may already know this, but I'm not sure everyone does. I know I sure didn't at first.

I know some beta testers have described combat as being kind of stationary at times. I ran into this as well on my first ship as well. Looking back, I made several choices that led to my ship becoming more of a stationary tank rather than an agile combatant.

How I inadvertently created a "stationary" battleship:

1. Upgrade your hull/ship via command too early. Every upgrade you perform SLOWS your ship down. You require more thrust due to the increase in size/mass of your ship. If you have not upgraded your helm skill enough and/or you have not acquired a better Ram Drive or a Thruster (these go in medium slots by the way!!) you can use, then upgrading your hull is going to slow you down.

2. My brain told me to use left click to target/attack my enemies. This works fine, but it causes your ship to stop and act like a stationary base rather than keep flying.

3. I equipped heavy weapons requiring a large power draw. The superior fighter bay I was using was real nice and has fighters +2 levels higher than me. It also drew TONS of power which required me to use a large reactor in one of my heavy slots. With 2 heavy slots used, I had to use the 3rd for an engine.

4. I used multiple shields and defensive measures in my medium slots. These all drew power and basically allowed me to "tank" shots rather than avoid them.

Now, the big battleship that pulls in, unloads fighters, shoots off EMPs and shrugs bullets, missiles, and everything else works fine. Well, except against suicidal ships, but this may not be what everyone is wanting/expecting in Drox Operative. It is certainly a valid way to play and its nice to be able to shrug off damage, especially when I get into playing hardcore mode.

I did feel a need for some speed though.

So... I started a second ship tonight to see if making some different choices would allow for more dynamic, on-the-move, fast paced combat. I succeeded thus far.

Fast/Agile Ship Design

1. Upgrade helm immediately. I recommend probably 12-15 anyway. I went to 14 to use a thruster I found. Selecting a race with some bonus to helm early might help. I went with Shadow.

2. Shop for a high end thruster or ramdrive engine. The one I am using, a thruster, with the first tier ship (no upgrades) offers 104 thrust. The benefit of the thruster is it uses a medium slot and leaves your highly valued heavy slots available for 2 weapons and a reactor from the get go.

3. Aim for max speed. 200 seems to be the max speed, at least, even with a ramdrive and thruster equipped I could not go over 200. Using just the thruster puts my ship at 200 speed, so I don't have a ramdrive right now. With 200 speed I have been able to outrun missiles.

4. Do not Left Click to attack. I am using left click to fly, but this should apply to WASD as well. I repeat, do not left click enemies to attack. It will make you slow down and/or stop to attack in my experience. You can left click to target and then click ahead again to keep on flying! Attack with the 1, 2, 3, etc keys. It will attack your targeted opponent or the closest target nearby. I noticed an immediate difference. I was able to keep flying and attack enemies nearby without stopping at all.

4a. If you like using the "W" thrust method, try turning all of your thruster options to ON (checked) in the options EXCEPT for thruster disengage. Leave that one unchecked. I'd argue this actually works even better than left click flying. Just remember you can only stop by pressing S.

5. Consider mines in one of your medium slots. Mines are quite devastating and when you are zipping around, enemies will often follow you and fly right into them. As a bonus, the explosion of the mine will usually take out many enemies AND missiles that may be chasing you.

My current ship is only level 4, but I got to level 4 in half the time it took me on my initial playthrough. I did not use any shared stash gear. Now I know that level 4 isn't truly battle tested, but I do think some of these ideas will benefit me throughout. I am having a lot of fun with 3 usable weapons and a fast system exploration time.

Anyway, if you are curious, here is what my current high speed ship looks like:

GlimpseLevel 4 Light Escort (Shadow)Stats

Structure: 42 / 42
Energy: 75 / 75

Attack: 53
Defense: 116
Armor: 0

Damage: 1 - 4
Dps: 1.7

ReputationLevel: 0

Money: 181 credits


Tactical: 7
Helm: 18
Structural: 5
Engineering: 5
Computers: 8
Command: 2

Crew points Left: 0


Thermal Resistance: 0
Cold Resistance: 0
Radiation Resistance: 0
EM Resistance: 1
Explosion Resistance: 0


SkillPointsLeft: 0


Budget Nuclear Power Plant I
Heavy Component
Rarity: Uncommon
Durability 18 / 21
+3 Defense
+74 Max Power Load
+10% durability
Requires 4 Engineering
Sell value: 8 credits
Retail value: 43 credits

Cheap Laser I
Heavy Component
Rarity: Rare
Durability 10 / 17
+10 Attack
+15 Power Load
+1 Max Power Load
+3% Critical Hit
Target: Current enemy
Range: 0 to 19 meters
Damage lessens over distance (25% at max range)

Energy needed: 6
2 - 5 Thermal damage
Reuse time: 0.75 seconds
4.7 damage per second

Requires 2 Tactical
Sell value: 16 credits
Retail value: 102 credits

Cheap Ram Accelerator I
Heavy Component
Rarity: Rare
Durability 8 / 14
+6 Defense
+21% Find Extra Credits
+13 Power Load
+1 Max Power Load
Target: Current enemy
Range: 0 to 25 meters

Energy needed: 6
4 - 8 Kinetic damage
Reuse time: 1.50 seconds
4.0 damage per second

Requires 2 Tactical
Sell value: 17 credits
Retail value: 114 credits

Cheap Deflectors I
Medium Component
Rarity: Normal
Durability 9 / 12
+12 Power Load
+28 Max Shields
Requires 2 Engineering
Sell value: 4 credits
Retail value: 28 credits

Cheap Nuclear Mine I
Medium Component
Rarity: Common
Durability 13 / 17
+1 Defense
+13 Power Load
Range: 0 to 19 meters

Energy needed: 6
8 - 16 Explosion damage within radius
Explosion Radius: 125
Reuse time: 3 seconds
4.0 damage per second

Requires 2 Tactical
Sell value: 8 credits
Retail value: 41 credits

Budget Pulsed Plasma Thruster I
Medium Component
Rarity: Normal
Durability 31 / 45
+52 Defense
+104 Thrust
+67 Power Load
Requires 14 Helm
Sell value: 24 credits
Retail value: 131 credits

Cheap Battery Recharger I
Light Component
Rarity: Rare
Durability 18 / 18
+11 Attack
+1 Energy Regen
+1 EM Resistance
+6 Power Load
Requires 3 Engineering
Sell value: 16 credits
Retail value: 68 credits

Cheap Escape Pod I
If your ship is destroyed and you have an escape pod\nequipped you will have a chance to escape alive!\nStats listed only apply when you are using the escape pod.
Light Component
Rarity: Normal
Durability 7 / 14
+16 Defense
+7 Max Structure
Requires 1 Structural
Sell value: 9 credits
Retail value: 67 credits

06-15-2012, 10:46 PM
It's that same "W" key again I fear. Press "W" and you'll be in constant motion until you left click. So keep your left index finger near the hotkey and "W" key.

06-15-2012, 10:50 PM
It's that same "W" key again I fear. Press "W" and you'll be in constant motion until you left click. So keep your left index finger near the hotkey and "W" key.

I just tested changing some options, and turning on "Thruster Toggle" and turning off "Thruster Disengage" allows me to press W, take off, and then use my number keys to fire off attacks. When I need to stop I just press S. It also allows me to left click target enemies without fear of stopping.

I was actually initially holding left click to fly around and the numbers to attack in my post above, but turning all thruster settings to ON in the options EXCEPT for Thruster Disengage also works great.

EDIT: I added this as "4a" to my list above. I really like that method! At 200 speed it makes an evasive little ship quite possible.

06-15-2012, 11:17 PM
Some other tips for speed:

Your ship gives 40 Thrust by default. Thus, to achieve max speed with your default ship, you need 60 Thrust on an engine (100 Thrust in total). As far as I know, having more doesn't affect anything. I haven't tested to see if speed above 200 helps reduce speed loss in gravity wells, but I haven't seen any effect personally, so I can't call it a plan.

The Thrust requirement for max speed increased by 40 every time you upgrade your ship. If you have an engine giving over 100 Thrust, you can upgrade to the next tier with no speed loss! ...Though there's still the obvious disadvantage that points you're putting into upgrading the ship aren't going to letting you actually equip all the cool stuff you're finding.

I've been keeping early ramjets in my Shared Stash. One particularly nice one I found gives you precisely 60 Thrust. Even better, it only costs 8 Helm to use: Enough that the Drakk can use it right at the start, and anyone can use it by level 2.

Remember to check the Ramjets even after you have enough speed that it doesn't matter! Like I said, if you find something nice like that, it's best to stuff it in the stash: Someone is going to need it, even if that character doesn't anymore.

06-16-2012, 12:21 AM
Great advice Wakuseino. I hadn't done much research into the actual thrust requirements, so I appreciate the extra info.

06-16-2012, 02:22 AM
Thanks for posting this, I'm going to try this out now :)