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06-16-2012, 12:07 AM
I've played Drox Operatives more than 7 hours now. I like it so far; a few ideas have come to mind.

Fast cash - I had a couple of prosperous allies, and they were very liberal with their credits (they had 150k at the time). I made a trade with them: 100k credits to me, for nothing in return. Not only did they accept, but I got +10 relationship with them for that trade. The pompous announcer said I should rake in the cash, but was this what he meant? It reminds me of how in Depths of Peril, you could put 1 gold on each side of the trade, and still earn +1 relation with that guild.

Leveling - I've leveled 2 characters to 100 in Din's Curse, and a level 50 in Depths of Peril, but it seems like leveling is slower in Drox. Maybe I just need some more practice (and strategy). I'm level 10 so far.

I would recommend adding the auto-pause feature on the Character screen (the way DoP and DC does now).

Only having 3 heavy component slots has me struggling to be competitive; I need at least 1 weapon and thrust module, and if I remove my nuclear power, then I have to give up 1/2 of my armour or shields in the medium category. This too, might improve with higher levels (I'm level 10 now). When I get to 28 command, that will help.

Overall tho, a nice game, and this is only the beta! Soldak continues to deliver, and this is why I bought DoP, DC, the DC Demon expansion, and Drox. I love the graphics and the music. I like having 10 quest slots (6 ran out so fast). I like how each team is spread out between their planets, rather than having to take on 100% of them at once (like guild house raids in DoP)

06-16-2012, 12:27 AM
For the leveling speed, you could try increasing the Pacing when creating a new sector. Fast and Very Fast look like they would both increase this substantially.

Consider using a plasma thruster in a medium slot instead of the ramjet if you need to free up a heavy slot for more firepower. There is also a medium slot power load increasing module if I recall correctly. I do agree that there is a definite incentive to get that 4th heavy module slot though.

I agree that cash comes very easily. The factions you are helping are very generous once they get large. Cash became a non-issue after the first sector for me.

The K
06-16-2012, 02:47 PM
Haha wow you are right. The Lithosoids and I have been neutral for a long time and they keep declining my ally request. I just took all their money and now they love me and want to be allies lmao.

06-18-2012, 12:33 PM
Re: getting serious cash/reputation from diplomacy.
I was wondering this as well. I wound up in a game where a few hours in the Dryad had pretty much secured the lion's share of the power structure, with the Shadow a distant second. Naturally, I got on very friendly terms with both and hoped for a mutual alliance ending, but kept the possibility of provoking the Shadow into committing suicide by Dryad. At one point, I found some technology that the Shadow apparently didn't have access to. For Armour II, they bankrupted themselves, handed over the keys to all their jump gates and basically fell so deeply in love with me that, even as they were slowly building capital back up, they routinely kicked me a few thousand credits.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love that the technology is so highly valued that it's really worth the espionage work and that some races may even be willing to risk financial ruin just for whatever edge it might afford, but I could see how something like this might break the game for some.