View Full Version : Reputation, Races and Quests

06-16-2012, 04:47 AM
This is a small cluster of complaints I've had after clearing two systems. Game's enjoyable overall but (at least so far) it's felt like a few things are slowing the game down.

Late-game stagnation
This is my biggest complaint. Generally a situation happens where all (2-3) of the remaining living races are allied, and you're allied with all but one of them. When all races are allied, this can result in a situation where the only remaining quests are "Deliver Gift to X" and, occasionally, "Colonize Y". The resulting gameplay is incredibly bland. I think it'd be nice if anyone you're allied with, -their- allies would either passively gain positive rep to you, or gain a multiplier on their rep gain. Anything to speed up this final endgame where you're ignoring nearly everyone except one race.

Races can't stand up to the higher level random enemies
Every universe I've played so far, the races make it to roughly halfway up the "difficulty curve" of the system and then come to a screeching halt. Any attempts to colonize the harder half of the universe are blown apart by hordes of randoms, and attempting to colonize the planets yourself leads to the colonies being destroyed the second you're not paying attention. While the player could theoretically clear out the systems themselves, there's no real incentive to do so as races will rarely if ever ask you to do quests in systems where they don't own any planets. Possible solutions I could think of include A: making the races level up faster and get stronger as they do, or B: have races give you quests to clear out dangerous areas so they can colonize safely.

Quest Frequency between races
Sometimes you'll be wanting to get on the good side of a race and they've got basically nothing for you to do, meanwhile another race you're already allied with has 20-30+ (!) quests all by themselves. If I want to increase my rep with a race I should have more options to do so. This is especially a problem when you're trying to make buddy-buddies with a weak race that nonetheless is allied with someone much stronger - weak races that own few planets rarely have much in the way of questing.

Rep gain for activities
This one's a bunch of mini-things:
* The huge benefit one gets for killing "nearby enemies" is vastly more efficient than questing. You can easily gain 2-3 points in an instant, the same as a colonization mission or 2-3 lesser missions. Yes, I know it decays, but it still feels excessive to get that much love for finishing off a few random enemies.
* Quests of the same type don't take into account the amount of effort required to do them. A quest where you drive over to a planet in the same system and come back shouldn't give as much rep as one where you have to travel 3-4 systems over and fight your way through a horde of high-level enemies.
* Why don't races ever give me quests to directly defend their planets or attack their enemies' planets? This would help the player get more involved in the warfare, rather than running around looking for places selling pesticide.
* The game needs to more clearly spell out your rep gain / loss with other races. To be specific, I'm pretty sure that you lose rep with races when doing quests for races they dislike, but I'm not 100% sure. Sometimes I appeared to lose rep despite the fact that both races were neutral to each other, or even liked each other. I just want this logged or displayed somewhere in game.

Alright, that's enough for now. I'm enjoying the game overall, I just feel like some of the reputation-related gameplay is a bit clunky compared to the rest. Can't wait to see where things go!