View Full Version : Nuclear Bomb is crazy good... probably too good.

06-16-2012, 11:22 PM
So yeah, the nuclear bomb is crazy powerful.

I understand it has drawbacks:
- it's relatively slow... slow moving and slow refire
- it's dumb-fire (ie. no tracking on it)

However, I believe its benefits far outweigh these when compared to other options for heavy slots:
- massive Area of Effect: the blast radius on this thing seems to take up more than half of a fully zoomed out view!
- very long range: wherever you can see you can fire it
- very high damage: even against ships my same level, it never seems to take more than two bombs to wipe almost the whole screen.
- planetary bombardment: when enemy empire ships all gather on a planet's surface I've been able to spot one on the edge of my screen without getting aggro. I then proceed to unload as many bombs as I want, or as many as it takes to wipe all ships guarding the planet and then the colony. Even after taking damage the enemy ships don't seem to pursue me or flee the bombardment.

So far I haven't found any weapon that is better than this one, and so far I see little reason to switch it out for something else. This is not good!

Personally I would probably nerf pretty much all of the listed benefits above: less explosion radius, less damage, and a much slower refire rate. The fact that it can hit so many ships simultaneously with so much damage is really what puts it over the top.

What may also make things interesting is if it could damage your own ship... As it is right now, I can just spam it right on top of my ship and it's like a way improved EMP.