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06-17-2012, 02:24 AM
I've got an available quest named "Quest Slot Empty" with no details.

I'm playing a sector with 3 races, and I've been ignoring the Fringe's quest since they are far behind and I don't want to reduce relations with the other two races, so I've built up a backlog of 16 unaccepted quests with them. The 13th quest in the list is the "Quest Slot Empty" one.

Screenshot: http://www.scrobot.com/images/drox_bug_quest_slot_empty.jpg

Character files available (assuming copying the files while alt-tabbed out of the game window works).


I'm having a lot of fun so far, especially once I figured out the whole "need to manage thrusters+weight" and I wasn't crawling around anymore. I think this needs to be spelled out somewhere, as I didn't get it until I read it on here. Maybe a tutorial tip with a brief overview on thrust giving you more speed and maneuverability.

I've tried all three(?) control setups and am definitely preferring the "toggle: yes, other two: no" setup, allowing my mouse to be used for targeting while steering with A/D. Perhaps another tutorial tip explaining these a bit more in depth? (I understand the desire to not over-tutorial the players, but these are very core principles that need to be explained.)

Also as noted elsewhere, maybe add on to an existing tutorial or the first quest text or something explaining how you need to travel through a few starsystems using starlanes or wormholes to contact the other races and get things rolling?


I agree with some other posters in wanting a way to purchase ships rather than automatically be upgraded with the Command stat. What if I *want* a small, light ship with fewer slots to buzz around in, but I've already upgraded past that?

I'm not sure the best setup to suggest, but some way to buy ships (still based off the Command stat requirements makes sense), or possibly a "hanger" where you can store a few ship types next to your stashes or something. I like the idea of a hanger (non-shared, maybe with only 3 slots or something), but if that's not doable, just being able to purchase them would be fantastic. Perhaps "shipyards" that can be randomly peppered through the sectors like the wandering vendors are, but guarantee one or a couple show up in every sector (or 1 for every 5 star systems per sector or something).


Lastly, a small feature request: can you lock the cursor into the window when fullscreen? On multiple monitors, it's easy to mouse out of the game window and click outside, causing the game to minimize (64-bit Ultimate, if that makes any difference). It does pause, which is fantastic, but locking the cursor to the game window would be even better.

06-18-2012, 12:40 AM
Another minor .901 issue: there's an achievement called "Captain" which refers to the same stat, which appears to be "Command" now. Looks like a renaming leftover. (=

06-18-2012, 03:43 AM
The clone uprising quest ("Clones on _____") has truncated description text and subsequently doesn't list what item is needed:


The last sentence is: "If you will just bring us something to"

The planet got destroyed before I could figure out what they needed.

06-18-2012, 04:38 PM
I've got an available quest named "Quest Slot Empty" with no details.

Yes, please email me your save game files. These are usually easy to fix if I can reproduce them.

06-18-2012, 05:53 PM
Save file sent, thanks. A few more minor items:

1. I suggest swapping the default keybinds for the minimap and the sector map; how often do you really want to turn the minimap on and off? But looking at the sector map is extremely common.

2. How about a separate "left side of the keyboard" default set of keybindings; I never understand why commonly used keys are defaulted to where my right hand would be on my keyboard on mouse-intensive game.

Obviously I've remapped these on my own, but things like pause, inventory and sector map should be immediately accessible without having to move my hand around from the primary area of WASD and numbers. I personally use TAB through T for sector map, quests, thrusters, pause, inventory and relations, and move character to F. Journal and Shipyard remain in their default, since I rarely look at those.

3. The scrolling of the right click items seems "backwards" to me. (I think of them as 1 at the top and 3 at the bottom, which is selected; scrolling "up" should switch to what's in slot 2, not slot 1). Perhaps a third option in the mouse wheel binding dropdown for "Scroll R Click Skills (Rev.)" (or "Alt")? I realize there's a real estate issue there.

06-18-2012, 06:30 PM
4. Others have discussed having more of a "home base" rather than just your stashes floating around next to a gate, and I like that idea very much. Additionally, I think that component installation should be instantaneous while in your home base. I recently hit level 15 and wanted to shuffle a lot of upgrades around, and it took forever to sit and wait for things to install to see what the power load limits were, compare, swap things out again, etc.

5. How about some sort of graphical representation of where the edges of objects' gravity wells were? I hate being in combat and flying what I think is a safe distance away from a star or something and get slowed down. A "warp" type transformation over the background would be cool, but is probably too graphically intensive. Perhaps just a very subtle, highly transparent white/gray overlay around the area -- for planets it would be akin to its atmosphere (though the affected area is much larger than that). *shrug*

06-18-2012, 07:32 PM
Likely another leftover, the hover area for the alliance type tooltip is in the wrong place in the incoming trade window. The screenshot doesn't show where the mouse pointer is, but the bounding box is just above the "We offer" and "Cortex offers" labels.

Screenshot: http://www.scrobot.com/images/drox_bug_trade_hover.jpg

No save file, after I saved and resumed, the incoming trade request was gone. *shrug*

06-19-2012, 08:16 PM
On the quest screen, if you select any quest slot other than the first one, then use the mouse wheel (up or down) it changes the selection to the first quest in the list, but doesn't scroll between them. The right click items scroll at the same time. (If your mouse is in the quest description and that has a scrollbar, this doesn't happen.)

Also, quest slots 7-10 stay highlighted when this happens, but quest slots 2-6 do not.

I'm not sure what the current intended functionality is here, but disabling the right click item scrolling and allowing the quests to be scrolled through using the mouse wheel seems like the best idea. (=

Mouse wheel scrolling between items on the available quests screen would be great as well. (I think it may scroll page up/down style if there is a scroll bar, and that functionality could remain, but allow quest-to-quest scrolling if there are fewer quests than the scrollbar display threshold.)

Quest descriptions that have scrollbars (at least the one I currently have) have a ton of extra white space beneath them, a full window's worth minus 1 line.

06-20-2012, 09:41 AM
Yes, please email me your save game files. These are usually easy to fix if I can reproduce them.
I have the same issue (Quest Slot Empty). I have backed up the saved game if you need it Shadow.

06-20-2012, 12:28 PM
I have the same issue (Quest Slot Empty). I have backed up the saved game if you need it Shadow.

Sure, send it over to me. If it is the same exact quest it will be obvious really quickly.

06-20-2012, 07:04 PM
Some great updates in the .902 patch!

6. The patch utility doesn't "find" my install location of C:/Games/Drox Operative/, and instead defaults to C:/Program Files (x86)/Drox Operative/; not sure if that's intended or not. (Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit) (Same thing with the .901 patch.)

7. Stealth enemies mess with the flying/targeting systems in a bad way. I use Thrusters Toggle: yes and Thrusters Disengage and Cursor: no, and when targeting enemies with stealth capability I end up locked on them and my ship files directly at them (and, in a couple occasions, fatally into a mine they just set) as if it were a planet or loot object, rather than just targeting them for weapons like other enemies.

8. I wouldn't expect clicking in empty space causing my ship to go that direction (with the thruster settings I have); I want to navigate with WASD only, except when I click on specific objects to fly to: gates, planets, loot etc, but never enemies, missiles or empty space. I'm not sure if this was changed in the patches or not, but since becoming conscious of it, it's really bugging me. (= I think it also happens when you target certain projectiles, as I sometimes unexpectedly find myself turning back towards a pack of enemies I'm kiting along behind me. [Edit: I think this is due to clicking and holding next to an enemy, causing me to turn that way (even while holding down the opposite A or D key), rather than clicking on a projectile.]

If it's currently working as intended, perhaps another option to turn off "click to fly that direction" would be a solution?

9. I think this is a bug (or a mini-exploit), because I don't think you're supposed to see other races until you come across them or trade for contact with them: if you start a new galaxy, meet your first race then go to the relations screen and trade, you can select "Declare war on..." and get a list of the other races in the galaxy. This should probably be filtered so it only shows the races that the selected race is aware of. (Filtering it based on the races that you are aware of doesn't make sense, since you can trade contact with those races to them.) Or, maybe best case scenario, only races that you are both aware of.

06-21-2012, 05:11 AM
Even though we're early in the beta, Drox definitely has that "Soldak touch" and addictiveness. (=

10. Bug: When deleting a ship from the Play menu, the "delete" text is offset incorrectly in yellow. http://www.scrobot.com/images/drox_bug_delete_ship.jpg

11. Minor UI request: On the relations "power comparisons" screen, can "All" be a toggle? Optionally changing the text of the button to "None" if all 4 categories are currently selected? If I want to only see one category, I have to click off each of the other ones and remember not to click "All" while doing it. (= It really only saves one click, so this really isn't a big deal.

12. Shield regen: Perhaps there could be an automatic buff that multiplies the shield regen rate when you are not moving, have full energy, or maybe both conditions together only. (Similar to the boost you get when at a friendly planet.) The Ancient Recharge Stations are great for being near while in combat, but if I'm just puttering around outside of combat, it's annoying to fly way out of my way to find one, or to just sit somewhere safe and wait patiently for it to recharge.

13. Perhaps make the selected enemy health and shield bars at the top of the screen turn green/yellow/red based on what percentage they had left? Not sure if this adds much, but it may be useful to see in your periphery while in combat. The new shield/structure icons could be added there as well.

14. Weapons seem way too similar to me in combat; everything I've seen so far, other than mines, is pretty much guaranteed to hit you. Sure, lasers vs. ram accelerators have distinct properties, but if you're in range, that shot is going to home in on you and hit you regardless of what you do. I would like to see missiles (or at least some types of them) to be a bit less nimble so they could actually be dodged with fancy flying. It may be a way to help differentiate the different "types" of missiles beyond the raw number stats. (And yes I'm aware you can shoot at missiles, they have a timer, and there are flak weapons. (= )

15. Related to the above, the max cap of 200 speed for everything leads to disinteresting combat once you point one direction and start flying. Maybe monsters could have a perk that allows them to go a little bit faster than 200 to spice things up? (Maybe this would only apply to elites and named monsters, though they are already the most dangerous, so maybe the inverse.) Or possibly the ability for a small speed boost "skill" that could push them over 200?

16. It'd be nice to have enemies be able to set off mines as well. It bothers me when I have to swoop around mined areas while the AI goes right through unscathed. I catch myself trying to lead them into environment mines pointlessly. It may be too complicated to code, but maybe have enemies be immune to mines from their own "race", but other enemy types would set them off. The monster factions already appear to fight amongst themselves, so this makes sense to me. Or if there's a "relations" relationship between monster races that could be used.

Environment mines could go either way -- they could be non-"race"-specific monster mines that only the player can trigger, or they could work like monster-set mines as described, although with alternate effects for certain types like the "alarm mine".