View Full Version : My Drox Operative Beta Initial Thoughts

06-17-2012, 10:04 AM
Having very much enjoyed Din's Curse, I managed to get a few hours with the Drox beta yesterday. It's a very promising start and my thoughts are below, but do we know much of a beta this is? I.e. are there just bug fixes, typos and stat tweaks to come or are features still able to be added?

It's seems to be the #1 comment here, but I'll join in as well - initial movement is too slow. My new games have been much more fun since leaving a fairly decent engine booster in the Shared Stash and I fear that anyone new to the game / trying a demo won't perservere past the initial frustration.

Flying around in circles (even at max speed) trying to find target planets for started quests is quite boring, and immersion jarring. Having picked up a diplomat to go to another capitol, blindly trawling the entire system for the correct planet doesn't feel right.

Once you're in quest for a planet, the text could narrow it down a bit - i.e. saying if it in the inner system or out on the outskirts, or which quadrant of the system it lies in. Alternatively, you could add Mass Effect style orbit lines around the sun for each planet - this would help us narrow down the search a fair bit. If this is considered to easy or game-y, you could have the lines only appear after scanning the central sun for a couple of seconds? THis would help eep the feel you are actually exploring the system, and add some more decision-making to the process.

Coupled with that, early sector empire destruction seems too quick - often as I'm flying around on early simple missions trying to even find the planets, several of the starting races are wiped out. It's now the case I don't even pay attention to which races exist or their precise mood with me/each other for the first ten minutes or so, whilst their numbers stabilise.

For such a big event, declarations of war seem a bit flat and arbitrary. If each one was preceded by an update saying they are cold or angry with each other with a timer on it before war is likely, it would give you a bit more warning (and you could try to prevent the war with positive rumours/diplomats). There could still be sneak attacks/unjustified territorial expansion without this process, but that could carry a larger diplomatic penalty or something.

Vendor sales screens are a bit overwhelming with a lot of information and colour thrown at you at once. There have been a few good ideas around here for tweaks to it, which I agree with.

Despite the above niggles, I am enjoying it so far. Keep up the good work!!!