View Full Version : First feedback

06-17-2012, 07:59 PM
This was on .900 so please ignore anything that already been addressed.

The issue that kinda cut the fun was... after a while every few minutes, a race would donate ALOT of credits to me. Like they would donate more money than i have total everytime. I had so many credits they didnt feel precious anymore. Like I had a total of 1100 credit after playing a few hours and they gave me 900, a bit later... like an hour later, they were giving me 6k. I'm just level 7..soo.

A Click-To-Move Feature (not holding down) may be nice. Maybe if you double click in space.

Starting money, maybe just 100 cred so you can do a go buy something quest if its the first mission you get?

Do you get bonus rep if you donate an item instead of selling it? Didnt see any notification.

A text line about (if you've accidentally) turning on or off toggle items?

Colonzitation mission: Died, mission failed but still had intact module equiped, was able to sell it for decent credits too, weird.

When you have an heading and press 1 to attack, you change heading toward target. It's a bit irritating.

I feel shield should have a (much) lower capacity and regen (much) faster. (I'm only level 8 tho)

About speed. My ship has a speed of 200. I can't run away from most things. They "run" as fast as me and missiles go as fast as me. Kinda weird when you have the "fastest speed ever".

Very nice game so far, it has alot of potential and is already fun as is. Keep up the direction, good work!