View Full Version : My humble opinion so far.

06-19-2012, 03:09 PM
Ok, i have about 20 hours in the game now, have the patch etc.

I have things i would liked changed and one thing added if possible.

The energy use after the patch, im level 16, but the energy use for even weapons way below my level cant get 1/4th of a of a massive group of ships brefore it is gone. Basically looks rather you use high energy weapons or lower it still takes just around the same amount of energy because the lower end takes more rounds per ship just about, cant afford all the energy buffs you have to use.

Time limit needs to be done away with on mob/boss quest's, not going to go into why, just feel that way.

Fog of war size, Did see browsing through the forums other people agree for the same reasons & have explained so i wont get into it.

And to be added a pvp element,

I don't know how hard this would be, but i could see how multi player would pick up with this option, you could have races side with players if they get to them first and offer the right things etc until the most races sides with the team, maybe could do teams of 1,2, & 4.

I could nit pick with a little more but that's the biggest stuff to me right now.