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06-20-2012, 02:29 AM
Have been really excited for this to come out.

I see that it has a lot of similar concepts and layout/playstyle. This is good in some ways and not currently so good in others.

UI: Works so far. Any touches to make it look a little different from the other games would help make the game feel like something new and less the same. Even as far as the segmenting of the stat bars (as someone else suggested) would make a difference. Its about computers and spaceships and technology, "analogue" bars are everywhere in the game and they don't lend much to the feel or look.

A button under relations with some functionality for getting out of At War status with a faction would be nice. I'm sure there must be some way of doing it at the moment but more than one option would be great.

Combat: I have not gotten to upper levels as of yet (because the races kill themselves off so quickly atm) but any additions you can make that increase the players interaction wouldn't hurt. Late game I can see longer fights which would be nice but at the moment there is little to it due to shit mobility, weapon ranges and targeting methods (point click lasers/homing missles). Mines and what not will allow for kite/bombing and possibly some luring to traps. "Faction Magnet/Beacons" could be possible, even for the trash mob factions... some diversity in game play would go a long way.

Intro: Is too informative regarding game concepts which becomes less about the back story and setting and more a fairly cheesy overstatement of the games concept. Not saying I don't like it, but for people who are not already fans and or aware of your other games it may throw them off. At the end of the intro it almost feels satiric as though there is going to be humor in the game. That said I love that you threw an intro together, and I think a lot of fans will enjoy it.

General Gameplay: For me personally, the game is progressing much too quickly where the Races are concerned. I get that it takes time to tweak things to find balance with that number of political options X number of races etc. I want to enjoy the RPG development in the game and as of yet am being made to scramble around as a slave to faction relations, because this is the only way I can continue on without losing my Ship. I love your games because they create via Ai relations and random events, a game world that is more alive and akin to a multiplayer experience. What ends up happening is that each time you start a new "world" there is an enjoyable period where the "world" is diverse and dynamic and filled with potential options for me the player. Over varied amounts of time (although typically for me too short a span) my other World co-inhabitants kill each other off wholesale in rapid succession leaving me in a much less interesting gaming environment. Just me and the monsters and or an Ally or two if that was the route I chose. In this game only being able to progress via an alliance literally makes me a slave to the unending ? in the game. If you are left with one faction and want to start a new World so that you have some diversity back in the game, you are forced to run laps and hope you don't have to wait that long for new ones to spawn, or new monsters near their forces.

All of the races homeworlds (for my two games so far) exist within the same first solar system, putting them so close together really makes the exploring seem hollow as really 85% of the action is back at the first system. I am sure the movement options and speeds will change, as well as the rate of Race destruction (i really hope) but finding a way of having their worlds in different systems would lend a sense of size and a more realistic space exploration/strategic experience. I can see that as with the other games the current Systems dictate monster lvl and so there are dilemmas in having the utopians start out in a lvl 4 system with lvl 4 monsters attacking etc..

I get how this could be tricky to make happen as so much is built around the similar mechanics of the other games. If it must remain, how about making homeworlds dramatically more strong at least in defense while in possession of other colonized worlds? Also (haven't seen if they can as of yet) but enabling races to colonize planets in other systems. These two things off the top of my head are the kind of changes that would maintain the most enjoyable and diverse sections of the game timeline, while also adding to the setting of the game and making it more of a living thing.

However I really feel that there do need to be more ways to progress to the next World generation. Otherwise it feels less like fun and RP and more like staring a list of jobs someone has left for you to do before you can get back to doing what I want to do. (which is fly around in a space RPG upgrading my ship into something really cool while exploring and getting to know the Races inhabiting the game world with me so that I can decide who I want to help and who should have some bad luck and not make it)

P.S. Research victory? (find enough components or whatever)
Monster ship factions "colonize" or use planets? (event/quest or just non-event)


I've got to hit the sack for work tomorrow but I'll get more time in tomorrow.

I don't want it to seem like I don't like your latest work because that isn't the case. I've logged more hours into your games happily then I could stand playing triple A titles of similar genres with a far lower enjoyment average.