View Full Version : My suggestions (ships/command, map/radar)

06-20-2012, 06:17 PM
Ships and Command:

I'd like to see Ships become an item you equip, rather than something that gets bigger as you get more Command points. Command then would become a stat requirement to fly the various ships. Ships would be built/sold by various races or they could be found as derelicts that you need to tow back and repair. There's a few reasons I'd like to see this.

First, it gets around the problem of "Oh crap, I put points into command and now I'm in a heavier ship with crappy thrust. Why can't I get back to my starter ship?". I think it's also more intuitive that way, rather than assigning points into a character sheet and suddenly you're in a different ship.

More importantly, I think it opens up cool customization features. Different racial ships could have different themes. Maybe the Dryad ships have built-in regeneration but less Heavy slots than an equal-sized Brunt ship. Other ships could be faster, more agile, have special abilities (cloaking, afterburners). You as a player could now have greater customization over what you fly and would provide another decision to make in terms of what race to buddy up to in a particular game. If you really like the Shadow ships and you're looking to bump your Command Points up a few notches, that may sway you into deciding to help them out in this sector.

Of course to manage that you'll need another structure to go along with the stash and shared stash: the hangar. Here you could swap out the various ships you have in your arsenal. Feel like flying something fast and light today? Go for it. Want a big ol' battlecruiser to lay down some hurt? Take a seat. Of course, the Hangar doesn't have to be a separate structure, it could be an extra tab/slot in the stash or something like that, if that's easier.


My understanding right now (which may be wrong) is that Radar effects how far items show up on your minimap? I'd like to see it perform a couple additional things:

1. The more powerful your Radar, the larger of a radius you clear for "fog of war" purposes on the sector map. If you find mapping tedious, focus on getting better radar!

2. Radars could provide waypoints/direction for quest objectives, similar to how you can "follow the star" to get back to the system map if you fly out of bounds. Again, the more powerful the radar, the further away you can be before getting the waypoint indicator.

Anyway, those are just a couple suggestions that I think could add to the game.