View Full Version : 92 beta, 6 race, established/huge. (current game observations)

06-20-2012, 10:42 PM
Love the changes so far.

Finding the game becoming laggy. Not my computer. Unless I need to run the game with some command line. Lag starts an hour or so in once combat starts? or mem leak i dunno enough about the stuff. If my computer is drawing and anti aliasing everything under the fog of war on all sectors i guess its possible that my 560ti could be stretched but I'd still be surprised based on polygon counts.

Would love to be able to not have my keyboard movement commands interrupted everytime I have to click on an enemy to shoot them. I'll check to see if its in that large list of game options, but if it isn't that would make the gameplay a lot smoother for me at least.

Finding the amount of time it takes me to make enough money to dabble in the faction altering espionage etc, is long if I am also working towards building a better ship. Balance between cost of espionage etc, vs length of World play time might make it a little easier for players to spend a little more cash on their ships.

Receiving quests in systems you haven't found yet makes playing with established races harder. You can't keep up with the needed faction gains. If you can its because you know something I don't, you are a little lucky, or you are a simply busting your ass to maintain relations with the races you need to. Personally I like having the full 6 as it seems more appropriate for the game setting. I could see balance being a little trickier as your quest successes with the additional races would need to count for more faction due to #races / player quest options and player time.

Love the progress, keep up the great work.

06-21-2012, 11:11 AM
You probably want to turn off the thrusters disengage option in game options.

You can buy jump gate activations from the races in their trade/negotiate screen that will help you get around quicker.