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06-22-2012, 12:47 PM
- Need respec across the board. Just like Din's Curse.
- Ship size increase doesn't feel like improvement most of the time, it feels like hassle or penalty
- Suggest mechanism for users to craft items or have custom items built to spec
- Planet-killer weapon?
- Protection/follow mode?

The skill point allocation is still not compelling.

In Din's Curse, you'd have no reason to "hoard" your stat points. On level-up you'd immediately know where to put stat points and see tangible benefit (not just being able to equip gear, but improvements in performance)

You might hoard skill points to save up for a particular skill, but in either case it was irrelevant because you could spend money to respec.

Even though this would make more "story" sense in Drox, Drox doesn't have respec. This makes players start off being conservative in point allocation.

Coupled with the paucity of the "right" gear for a build, I end up floating around level 10 with 20 stat points unused, waiting to find thrusters or something that I can/want to use, so I can dump points into whatever stat I need to actually be able to use it.

That's no fun. It makes me feel like progression is bad and too hard, instead of being excited. The leveling up system needs respec at a minimum. Right now I don't see why I should put points into anything, except so I can load gear. But I never have any gear I want to load, or the gear that *might* work is dependent on either pumping one stat up 10 points (which, given no respec, etc. is scary) or requires upgrading a cascading series of things (oh wait, i need a bigger reactor...oh wait, now I'm moving too slow).

The ship size stuff is also problematic. So far I want to keep my ship as small as possible, because moving up sizes "costs" too much:
+ stat points to command
+ stat points for new gear, which is either fragile armor or requires massive investment in a better reactor - assuming I can even find one!

I don't know that automatically increasing ship size is a solution, because for many players they'd be pissed at being forced from their light, fast ship to a tugboat.

Item drops and stores are still meager. I end up having more money than most vendors in the game and nothing to spend it on.

Could we get something like:
- Dedicated item vendors. I need an "armor" guy, an "engine" guy, and a "gun" guy. That's all they sell. They have stuff for EVERY slot type. It can be expensive. I just want a choice.

- Crafting/custom items. Let me order something. I roll up to vendor. I say "I need an engine. I want this amount of thrust, and these stat minimums, and this durability, and this quality. Bonuses can be random". He quotes me a figure, I say "YES", and DING, I have a new component.

- Using the above, quest rewards could be credits to get items from these guys.

Killing Planets and Colonies:
- Fighting colonies (and asteroids) is really tedious, given they don't fight back mostly. Can I just get some kind of weapon/bomb I can arm and sit on for a few seconds?

It can have a really long cooldown and ONLY affect planets and asteroids, not ships.
It can be expensive/rare/whatever.
It can be one-shot.

I just hate sitting there holding down the button or key waiting for the hp bar to drop. Tedious, not fun.

Follow/guard mode:
Last night I decided to help out my brethren in colonizing worlds. I followed their colony ships. But my engines were too fast, and I kept outstripping them and having to double back. Can there be a simple "follow mode" where my ship's speed matches/tracks theirs?

Space Stations/Guard Drones:
In Din's Curse, I could upgrade the town's armor and weapons so they could defend themselves. I'd like a similar option for Drox.

Drox seems to take a good deal of inspiration from Galactic Civilizations, and I'm envisioning a similar system to how it handled Space Stations: guard stations, trade stations, propaganda stations, etc.

I'd like to be able to buy, fund, or build a space stations that I could put in orbit or near planets of races I like. Non-moveable. Destructible. Upgradeable. Could also serve as additional respawn points, or allow gate activation.

"Guard Drone"
- It shoots at enemy ships and improves planet defense.
- Attackers must take out the station before they take out the planet.
- Deploying one increases faction
- I don't get experience for kills it makes, but I do get faction
- I can upgrade it or improve it

"Spy Satellite"
- improve propaganda etc.
(that part of the game still feels underdeveloped)
- Steal technology chance
- Can set to serve other races (e.g. spy on Shadow for Fringe), which slowly shifts faction, or ME, which could provide credits or tech

"Trading Post"
- Adding/funding one of these would slowly increase my faction among trading races.
- Would also give me modest credit stream.
- Could also serve as extra store/item vending.
- Putting them in the right areas matters (can't plop 'em down in outer nowhere).
- They are vulnerable to attack.
- Can be upgraded/improved