View Full Version : Warp drive of the ancients? 15 credits is the best I can do.

06-22-2012, 01:52 PM
Played a 6 hour game today, jotted down notes while I was playing.


Currently the selling price for items seems to be about 10-15% of the retail price. In the future, apparently vendors make 90% margins. This seems really weird. The only viable way I've found to make money is from quests, everything else seems like a waste of time.

Races don't seem to have nearly enough money in the trade/negotiation screen. I'll go to a vendor, who will have some ridiculous about of money, like 90,000. But the in the race relations screen, they will have like, 500 credits. Huh?


The dominant strategy for gaining reputation right now, is to hover over a factions ships while they are going somewhere, let something attack them, then blow it away. I've gotten up to 1.5 rep per kill this way. On the plus side, this is quick way through the endsector grind, but it is also unbalanced, and makes quests a waste of time, unless you need money.

Also, the radius for getting reputation for a kill seems pretty low. If an enemy attacks, I don't even bother following it away from the ships it attacked, because I won't get credit.

This strategy doesn't seem to work for planets, since if I am near a planet, the NPCs will ignore the ships near the planet, and just target me.


Suicidal AI. In this current game, I was bombarding a factions last planet, and when the health went low enough that a rebellion spawned( which was a nice touch ). I offered them a peace treaty. Nope, they wouldn't do it. I brought them just a sliver over 0hp, and offered again, and they'll still wouldn't accept a piece treaty. I removed them from the game a second later.

Unfair faction rewards. Other factions get credits and technologies for eliminating a faction. But not you. Which really stings when you see that someone else got 400 credits and 5 technologies.


Known space/unknown space.
There could be more contrast on between known space and the edge of space on the contrast map. Also, the icon at the upper right corner of the screen isn't where my eye is(which is usually looking at my ship). So I often don't notice it blinking. It would be better if some text like "Leaving known space!" blinked above my ship. The blinking star isn't really that noticeable, because it looks like a star.

Ships over planets.
Attacking enemy ships over planets is a real pain, since the cursor flips back and forth between the targeting reticle, and the mouth. Invariabley, I try to attack while the cursor is a mouth, get taken to the communication screen, which completely covers combat, which hasn't paused, then I madly fumble to close the screen, try attacking the ship again, get a shot off, then accidentally communicate with the planet again.

I think it would be better if you just can't communicate with a planet while an enemy ship is over it.

Missiles aren't affected by gravity wells/never run out of gas.
I was kiting about a trillion missiles, when I had the clever idea to kite them by a star, to get them off my tail, because obviously they would be sucked into the stars gravity well. Instead my ship slowed way down, but not the missiles, and I exploded.

Crew should be more easily available.
I've heard a rumor that there are crew people for your ships, but about 10 hours in, I haven't run into any, and am not sure if they exist.

Races don't always show up in the rumors screen.
I think this is a bug. In my current game, the Dryad and Talon have an alliance. Since the endsector game bores me to tears, I figured I should plant nasty rumors to try and break the alliance. When I plant rumors on Talon planets, both the Talon and Dryad show up. But on the Dryad planets, I can only plant rumors about the Dryad. I have an alliance with the Dryad, and a non-aggresion pact with the Talon.