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06-24-2012, 12:55 AM
In the games I've been playing, when Drox really shines, is when there are three or more viable races slugging it out. Quests are being generated rapidly for every faction, and there is lots of stuff to do, and many interesting choices to be made.

However, unfortunately, this doesn't occur every game, and tends to be way shorter of a period than the end game, even with the changes in .903.

I'm a big fan of the board game "Diplomacy". In diplomacy, at the start of the game, every country is too weak to attack another country, without support from another. Therefore, the start of the game ends up being a land grab, with people attempting to negotiate alliances with each other. The mid-game tends to be primarily tactical. However, in order to actually win the game, backstabbing your allies is required, and the mid-game is peppered with the tension, of who is going to backstab who first, and when. This is a really great and interesting progression of gameplay.

In Drox, it is usually very clear who is going the game, in the first 15 minutes or so. For instance, in the first challenge, basically whoever you help overcome the various diseases on their planet, is going to win, assuming you don't help anyone else.

I think Drox would actually be a much more interesting and rich game, if the start of each sector was much more boring.

1. The races never focus on building infrastructure before attacking each other. Sometimes races are eliminated before I have even gotten in touch with them, in the first five minutes of the game. I think that even the most aggressive races, should at least send out a colony ship or two, before attacking someone else.

2. Having the home planets in the same system is probably the way to go, but the home planets seem way too weak. I think that they should be so strong, that attacking one at the start of the game, should be suicidal for either the player or faction, assuming they do not have an ally helping them. Even then, attacking a home planet should be very risky.

3. The races depend too much on the player to fix issues related to sabotage/crisis's. I realize that this is probably to give the player a feeling of control, and it does, for the first few sectors. But afterwards, it doesn't feel very satisfying. I know that if I want to get rid of a race, all I have to do is sabotage their home planet, and they will be helpless to fix it. I think that they should only generate a request for an item to fix a crisis, if neither they or their allies have the item, on any planet. If the player really wants to screw over that planet, then he will have to be smart, and intercept the ship carrying the part, which may mean declaring war, which is an interesting choice.

4. The game's unique selling point, in my opinion, is that you get play an intergalactic Tyrion Lannister, which is very cool. Although ship upgrades and weapon are cool, I think it would be even more cool if the options for Sabotage/Propaganda/Espionage/Rumours were expanded, and more granular. And perhaps some items that can be used to that effect. Being able to unilaterally start a rebellion on a planet, and covertly dropping guerillas, without needing a race to generate a quest for it, would be great.

5. Just to sum it up, I think that the start of the sector needs to be way more boring, with factions scouting, researching and sending out colonization ships, the mid sector game to be greatly lengthened, and I think the end sector game will be around the right length, since by that time, the player should already have allies.


06-24-2012, 01:23 PM
1. I agree, even wors I've found a race wiped out and meet subrace too!
2. I've never tried to attack race home planet at first, but it's an interesting idea: you will destroy your first potential ally or not?
3/4 I'd like a way to destroy a race from inside :D any new option from this way is welcome!
5. Totally agree. I think Drox now (0.903) is not far from this objective, Shadow need time to get things balanced and working right he want, we are in beta, right?