View Full Version : Difficulty, Menus and Color

06-25-2012, 02:51 PM
I'm going to do a lot of complaining here. However, I've been playing Drox constantly for the last two weeks and I am loving it.

I have 2 ships up to levels 16-17 where progress has mainly stalled. First off, I will admit that I am not very good at this game. I'm not a keyboard gamer and consequently have to search around for the controls needed. I completed the first sector with each ship and then abandoned several more for a variety of reasons. I hit a moment where I died and all of my crew- 4 uncommon or rare Drakk's that had my stats pumped up quite a lot- blown to bits. I have since found, through browsing the forums, that dead crew can be revived. Doh. Too late, the bodies have been spaced. But, at that moment, I was faced with going back to a game where I already felt overwhelmed, with my stats significantly lowered and consequently lesser components.

I abandoned the sector and started another on an 'easier' setting. It's a game, let me have some fun instead of the frustration I was up against. The result? Yes, the game was easier. However, I'm getting extremely low experience for kills and quests. Component drops are levels below where my ship's stats are. So, I can have an easier game, sure, but effectively denied any progress through the game. If denied is a harsh way to put it, then adding quicksand to the already glacially slow pace I was moving at, then. All you're letting me do is trade one frustration for another and that is not a valid choice.

If you're going to give me a choice for an 'easy' game, set the drops and exp to my ship level. Don't punish me for sucking at the game any more than sucking already, well, sucks. For anyone that counters with the argument that people with elite skills should be rewarded, the mechanism for bumping difficulty up is already there. Otherwise, give yourself a pat on the back.

That said, I had a distaste for crew after that and had a lot of fun playing with more of the light components. +1 for shunting the crew into a seperate space form light components. Whether that be a new crew component slot or crew quarters that would fit where the cargo holds now go. Shrug.

Speaking of cargo holds, they are a confusing mess to work with. Trying to organize components, sort out the ones I want to store in the shared stash and then doing the actual moving items is dreadful. In the shared stash, there is no good way of knowing which cargo hold I have open. Sometimes, I dont even know if an open hold is in the shared stash or my ship. Maybe we can have the option to put a name or label on each cargo hold; better yet, just give me a menu with sorting functionality.

Menu screens. The way the planetary trading menu works is great. I click off the screen and it goes away. It works so well, that the game has trained me to click off-screen on other menus where that doesn't work. Really frustrating. All of the function screens should work that way. Click off screen and I am looking at space again- no matter how many layers of character, race relations or map screens were open.

I am color-blind. Interpreting color labels is like trying to read spanish when all you've had is an 'intro to' class way back in eigth grade. I do a lot of long, intent squinting at the race relations screen and come away shaking my head. It's impenetrable. How about putting an actual word along that colored line. Seeing 'Like / Non-Agression Pact' stretching between to races would be wonderful.

Likewise, I know color coding is time honored and sacrosanct in this type of game, but how about a one or two letter code after the item's name or in the corner of the item's picture. -UC for uncommon. -A for artifact. This would allow me to scan the stores easily instead of having to hover over each item and look for rarity in those jumping info screens. Gives me a headache.

I've gone on long enough. Back to work.