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06-25-2012, 04:12 PM
I'm loving the game after the latest patch - I see a lot wider array of equipment. I still have some general complaints:

-I feel very disconnected from the larger "civilization" in space game happening in the background. Are there any plans to present this in a better way to the player? Perhaps a prettier, color coded map as a start(the color coded labels work... but only when you can see a sector).

I think there are a lot of cool things happening based off the logs messages, I just don't see them presented well to the player - resulting in the disconnect.

-I have no idea what the list of different ship/monster types is for. Why are some listed as human or shadow or whatever when they all look the same across a row? in practice, I see a monster, I kill it. Dimly I know some have a radiation attack or whatever, but its a distant concern as I can't out run them anyway - so almost always need to engage (or run to the nearest friendly fleet for refuge).

-There are certain sectors where planets just don't seem to get colonized... and its confusing why. Perhaps a note can be placed on a planet with more information on what races would or would not colonize (eg, Toxic - colonizable by: XYZ, not colonizable by ABC). Or a system note that its too dangerous for colonists. Something.

-The complete and utter dearth of cargo pod is utterly frustrating. I am on my second game with a ship, can trade with 20+ planets, and can't find any! I can't even dump stuff on my cargo stash - as THAT needs cargo pods too (and didn't realize - so chucked my start ones that I upgraded earlier - doh!).

-Not loving how crew members take up light item slots - the items almost always win. Think this would work better with fixed slots for crew members, or separate crew modules to compete with cargo modules.

06-26-2012, 01:35 PM
1) Agreed. For me, I'd like to be able to form alliances from my first sector, and build them up to the dominant super power in the galaxy at level 100.

2) According to Shadow, when "rogue" ships attack claimed planets and destroy it, there is a chance that their respective faction-type will spawn on that planet. It's happened in a couple games for me now.

3) I've noticed this too. There doesn't appear to be any particular methodology to the way the races build up or branch out...or leave certain planets completely unprotected.

4) Cargo holds in general don't start reliably appearing till around level 15. But oddly, they all but completely skip over 4 and 6 slot holds at that point too. There's definitely something up with the rarity of the smaller holds. I've got 2 or 3 times as many 8 slot holds as I do of smaller ones. I had managed to find a single 4 and 6 slot hold before 8 slots started showing up.

5) I agree, but I don't know how many other people do. Personally I'd like to see crew equipped in "Crew Quarters" that share the same equipment slot as Cargo Holds, require power, and use the Command Stat for their stat requirements.

06-26-2012, 09:54 PM
5) I agree, but I don't know how many other people do. Personally I'd like to see crew equipped in "Crew Quarters" that share the same equipment slot as Cargo Holds, require power, and use the Command Stat for their stat requirements.

I couldn't agree more with the "use the Command stat" requirement.

06-27-2012, 02:23 AM
-It would be nice to be able to have more control in the development of the race you picked as your ally. For example, when you feel your ally is about to die off(like he has only 1 planet with 10 structure left and doesnt seem like he is rebuilding it), you really want to help him colonize... often a race has a colony ship but isint doing anything with it.

The option for an opportunity or a quest to escort it to a planet, maybe after you did a quest to scout for a path and found a colonizable planet.

It just feel like, as a mighty Drox Operative, you definitively have the insight, but also should have the mean to go "Yo, (insert a race name here), you're 1 step away from getting eradicated, wake up? Get me a colony ship/colony module and i'll find you a new, sweet home. Hell, i'll cover the cost and you can repay me later... with interest."

-I also think that crew sharing slots with light slots just doesnt feel right.

06-27-2012, 11:15 PM
-I also think that crew sharing slots with light slots just doesnt feel right.

"Well, I would put you on staff, but I'd have to get rid of this battery pack to make room for an extra chair. But I guess you can live in the cargo hold in case someone dies."

06-28-2012, 10:33 AM
Crew should be a separate slot from hvy/medium/light. Agree with the power requirement.

Maybe +1 Crew could be part of the 18 command upgrade.

I still think you don't get enough upgrade points per level, it's sad when you can't use half the equipment you get- I feel undergunned way too much, which makes it grindy.

Structural seems to be less used than the other slots, though I suspect that's more of a fun factor issue then a balance issue.

One idea: fighter bays become a split tactical/structural requirement? (about 1/2 tactical 1/2 structural- so a 26 tac fb might be 13tac/13 structural)

Some other items could be split requirements as well. If you do this I'd suggest buffing tactical's passive bonus slightly.

06-28-2012, 11:46 AM
Just got the Beta and have played for a little. It is fun, but i am agreeing a bit on the "disconnected" feeling. Not quite sure what's missing though.

In DOP and DC, the play area was smaller so the method of a scrolling text log wasnt too bad. Here, so many things happen, so many messages are produced and being the only source of information all lumped together, just makes it harder to track any meaningful news.

Maybe if there was another way to present it, or make it easier to group and retrieve - say color code the text per race, or have a way to retrieve messages filtered by race so if you are concentrating on working for (or against) a race you can just focus on messages pertaining to those races and not get swamped. No problem in showing all messages, but give a way to filter it or retrieve the ones you are most interested in easier.

Also, could there be an option to turn on mini icons which appear above each ship (can be within a certain range only) to show what their abilities are? This would help in learning the different icons and what they mean as I could stay at a distance and see what each icon represents outside of combat.
As it is, only the ship you click on shows the abilities at the top of the screen but then they die (or kill you maybe) very quickly before you really get a chance to understand what they really are. Or put in game a glossary of these icons that you can look up to see what they mean so i'm not trying to highlight an icon and read its effects while under fire by the same ship - it could get added to a growing list as discovered in the same way new ships encountered gets added to the shipyard. (typing this now - i realize i never looked fully at the shipyard so if these abilities are already there, then thanks. lol).

07-03-2012, 11:44 AM
Another vote for the "disconnected" feel. It seems the events of the galaxy are just happening around me. Perhaps I'd be better cast in the role of interstellar space rogue, instead of the grand role of Drox Operative. It seems I don't do much, aside from blasting nuisances into space dust, shuttling dignitaries, or gathering planetary tech. A race or two will ally with me, but it makes little difference to me. I just zip around and do whatever, sometimes the quests expire, sometimes I actually get them done. Compared to Din's Curse, there's not much sense of urgency.

In Din's, the player was explicitly tied to the town. If the town failed, the player failed. So far, in my fifteen hours or so of Drox, nothing much happens within my control. The ships I destroy are largely nameless, since it happens so fast. I find vacant planets that are typically uninteresting; a few have artifacts, but even those are little more than floating storage containers.

I'm enjoying the game pretty well, but it really lacks the exploration aspect that space games typically have, but considering it's primarily an action game, this shortcoming isn't terrible. More varied equipment would help and making planets a bit more interesting -- maybe more details or a planetary scavenging ability related to a stat (Engineering?).

I'm also uneasy with finding crew, stuffing them in the cargo container and then unpacking them into a Light equipment slot. We have to pay them to keep them happy, so why not make them a more dynamic part of the ship? Give them crew slots and abilities that vary, based on their Happiness score. Or how about if crew of different races had conflicts that constantly lowered their Happiness or capped it at a lower maximum?

This is a totally useless point, but maybe the microcosm of the ship would have been an interesting dimension to add to the gameplay. If crew are a commodity, then make them more interesting than installing a laser beam. Maybe training a crew, keeping them healthy and happy or acquiring "heroic" crew members to vastly improve a ship's abilities might make this aspect more interesting.

As far as feeling disengaged from the galactic machinations, I can only feel that a personal stake in the politics would make it more engaging -- a home system with its own political structure. Otherwise, I'm little more than an interstellar gunslinger with no care about who rules which system.

07-04-2012, 03:38 AM
disconnection from the wider galaxy picture, disconnection from the meaningfulness of choices in any given sector.... its a recurrent theme round the forum right now...

last time i link but here are my thoughts on this...


all relates to the disconnection and very nicely to your point on:

I'm little more than an interstellar gunslinger with no care about who rules which system

for me, we need better lore integration and a bigger picture to influence in relation to this...