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06-26-2012, 01:25 AM
For the past three sectors the game's felt... rushed. I don't mean that each Civ tends to have a lot going on, that's what it's supposed to feel like. But I'm at normal pacing and I can barely get the quest to go 'scan X planet' for the home team before it's already obsolete. A lot of times colonization quests can blow past you too. It's like they setup the quest when the research/colony ship is already enroute.

On top of that it's hard to feel like you're actually heavily influencing the actual game world. It's obvious that I am, whoever I'm doing the most quests for ends up with the most power. I just don't see it. An example.

Currently in my game I've got the Hive (my home team) with Talon and Legion still alive. I've gotten everyone to go to war with the Legion... mostly they did that on their own though, I just paid gobs of money to one of them to break a non-aggression pact. Rumors didn't have enough of an affect and there really wasn't another way.

So, one of my missions is to transport goods to a rebelling colony. All well and good, but it's dug in good and hard with four umpteen level ships sitting on it who pound me into submission. I'd have expected to actually SEE the war, maybe run in with some friendly ships. In three systems that are mutually owned between warring parties they're not actually fighting... at least not when I'm nearby.

So, toss onto that what does my quest to 'save x planet' actually do? Or 'smack around y pirates'? I have no visibility into what saving some random planet (in a system I'd never heard of until they told me) will actually mean... in particular, why do I care? I'm busy here scanning yet another anomaly to end up ambushed, warped across the system, or find nothing. Or the civ just shot down the pirate who was antagonizing their system... why did you call me again?

It's very hard to actually feel like the Operative's actions matter in the overall view of things. It's more like you're just along for the ride, and need to just be on the winning side when things pan out. When two civilizations are dead inside the first 10 minutes of a sector and I've not even met them it's hard to feel like you've done anything of influence.