View Full Version : [SUGGESTION] Death becomes me...

06-30-2012, 02:01 AM
Suggestion: Allow the player to be temporarily invulnerable upon respawn at their home jump gate for a few seconds. Alternatively, don't allow planets to spawn within firing range of a jump gate.

Reason for the Suggestion:

I recently encountered an issue in one of my recent sectors.

I died. I hadn't died in awhile, but the combination of slow/stun ships finally took me to my knees and finished me off. These things happen, so no big deal, right?

Well my spawn point was still the jumpgate in the first sector I started in. When I respawned, the jump gate was surrounded by 3 unfriendly Fringe planets, all within firing range of my ship. I tried to fly away quickly and got destroyed by their missiles. I respawned... and died again. And again. And... again. Eventually, I was able to destroy a couple of their ships by firing some bombs before I died and whittling them down. Had I been playing semi-hardcore, my life would have been over as my structure would have been down to about -50 or so by the time I got out of there.

I understand these things can happen, but I have a feeling a lot of players may not appreciate being punished for their death by dying again and again. I never was able to recover my blackbox and had to suffer the exp penalty, but I dealt with that. This situation may be rare, but it can occur, so I wanted to make you aware and throw a suggestion out there that may help some semi-hardcore ships live to fight another day.

07-01-2012, 09:52 AM
It's a good idea! Happened one time to me, and was frustating :D

good idea!