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Moonshine Fox
06-30-2012, 09:37 AM
Hi guys!

I'm enjoying the beta so far, even though it's something of a rough diamond at this stage. One thing that has been bothering me is that the pacing is ludicrous even on normal. The empires shift their diplomacy relations so fast that quite often I find that almost half the races are extinct by the time I've explored my third system in the sector. I now play on slow, and even then it tends to get rather hectic. I'd never even want to play on the faster paces because by then the game would be over before I'd left the first solar system.

This, compared to Din's, is rather odd. In Din's you could play on the fastest pacing but it would be stressful albeit not impossible. In Drox I find that the normal pacing is a touch above Din's fastest.

Am I alone in this and just need to adapt, or do you agree? Thoughts?

Von Paulus
06-30-2012, 09:56 AM
I agree. It's too fast. I feel I'm helpless in that regard.

Shadowy Figure
06-30-2012, 01:14 PM
What settings do you play on? I play on very fast pace, tiny, established, 6 races right now. I've only felt like things were too slow towards the end of a game. Things are moving more quickly in the latest patch though.

At the start of my games, I focus on exploring all races. First, I search for all the races in my starting star system. When I discover one, I immediately open the relations screen and trade for any contacts they have. Then I accept all their quests and open the galaxy map to check and see if any missions send me to areas with new races. If I get lucky and discover new races on the galaxy map, I purchase the necessary jump gate activations and warp across the sector after I discover all the races in the star system I am currently in. If I don't see a new race, I start looking for starlanes. I don't try to complete quests until after I have every race discovered.

While I search for every race, I explore planets I come across and try to sell planet data and any technology I find to everyone to help pay for jump gates and diplomacy.

Once I have every race discovered, I pick the race with the highest power ranking and start helping them win.

Moonshine Fox
06-30-2012, 01:33 PM
I usually play on slow and by then the game feels reasonably balanced where you have time to actually do some quests before the world explodes and everyone and their grandbother bandwagons on another race to obliterate them. By then it usually derails into a wardec fest with the dominant race massively murdering everything nearby, much without me helping at all :P

Shadowy Figure
06-30-2012, 03:48 PM
I see that as a great thing. Right now the chaos makes it a little more tricky to pick the winning race. I guess we just want different things from this game. :p

Moonshine Fox
06-30-2012, 04:41 PM
Well, if I was playing very fast, I'd expect it to be like this, but normal? But as I said in my OP, I might just need to adapt to it. It's just at the moment, Drox feels very much faster paced than Din's ever did.

06-30-2012, 05:36 PM
i'm completely with shadowy figure on the pacing argument... i also play on 'tiny' and very fast and for me the pacing feels 'normal' like this... slower just seems to drag (with exp aswell)... tiny means everything is within striking distance and i can scout out most of the areas in the avaliable systems... i dont feel like the time constraint is too small to complete quests - I like the fact that when i'm told to hurry i really have to - but obviously this wouldn't work in bigger sector sizes...

from what i have seen i dont think the problem with races getting knocked out too quickly is to do with race interactions - alright maybe they often put in the finishing blow... but mostly i think its the monsters wearing down the planets and also killing off races... until the races are established they seem far too weak in relation to the strength of roaming and gathering monsters (that is those races without a nearby drox to help out!)

i tried to play on 'home planet only' sectors but felt one like too many species were taken out way too fast, and too that it often ended up dropping me deeply in trouble at the very beginning of a new sector by not being able to find the home worlds and so recieve support and repairs... lead to many deaths at the beginning of new sectors until i increased the starting level of races up one step - can't remember the name for this but one down from full established, the middle ground... feels just right

can't really imagine palying on slower pacing, or on bigger sectors... though i appreciate how others might like the different settings and options.... but i would hate to see the whole game slowed down in terms of dynamic nature and development of the sector, really makes my choices meaningful and lends a feeling of urgency to my time - more drive and more direction due to the things happening around me is a really good thing for me. :)

06-30-2012, 10:28 PM
I agree that normal is too fast for me.

And I'd like for slow mode to slow down the pace of civilization's actions.

07-01-2012, 05:50 PM
I agree with you Moonshine. It feels more 'along for the ride' than 'I made a difference' at normal pacing.