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07-01-2012, 01:13 AM
Here are some suggestions for making the game more accessible to new players. I added some help topics and changed the order of others. Titles of existing topics are in italics. A wall of text is where the text completely fills the help topic. It needs to be broken into smaller paragraphs so the reader doesn't just skip the tip. Given the size of the help topic box, the tips will probably need split more than usual.


0. Help System.

1. Game Objective. This needs a couple of changes. The last line of the first paragraph should be ‘allied with it’ not ‘allies with them’. Same thing in the second paragraph. Last line of second paragraph: 'scenerio' should be 'scenario'.

2. Dynamic Galaxy. Wall of text.

3. The player’s ship starts the game (and restarts if destroyed) near two stashes and a jump gate. The stashes must have cargo bays before they can store items. The jump gate allows the player to jump to gates in other systems, once the gates have been activated.

4. Movement.

5. Now, explore the system and look for planets or ships with icons above them. These belong to other races. Ships with no icons are monsters; they will attack on sight. Monsters are added to the Shipyard (Third button from right. Hotkey Y) as you find them.

The rest of these are triggered by events.

[First race found] You’ve found your first race. Talk to them on the Relations screen (Second button from left. Hotkey R). Additional races will be added as you find them. A red question mark means the race has a quest available.

[Starlane or wormhole found] Starlanes and wormholes (for inter-system travel) are found around the edges of the system. Planets are closer to the sun. Easier systems are on the edge of the galaxy; harder ones are farther in. Click the Map button (Far right button. Hotkey Tab) to see local and galactic maps.

[Planet found] The player can talk to, trade with, or get quests from occupied planets. Completing quests for a race will improve your relationship (Quest list: Fourth button from left. Hotkey Q). Unoccupied planets may contain shipwrecks or other things. Races will buy information about unoccupied planets if they don’t already have it.

[Trade screen opened] On the Trade screen, the planet’s items are on the left. The player's currently equipped items are in the middle and the inventory is on the right (Inventory screen: Third button from left. Hotkey I).
The top row of planet items are Essential Components. They provide an immediate boost to health, thrust, shields or energy, respectively. Below that are items the planet has for sale.
Slot Types.
Ship Speed.

[When attacked] Attacking.
Left vs Right click.

[I]Component Rarities

[On level up] Level Up. Wall of text. Postpone the reference to the character screen to the next tip.
Character screen (First button on left. Hotkey C.)

Damage. Wall of text. Maybe bullet the different layers.

Destruction. Wall of text.