View Full Version : Problem winning first sector

07-01-2012, 03:58 PM
Hi guys, new player here. I've been playing my first game, first sector of DO and love it, but I seem to have gotten into a situation from which I can't see a way to win the sector.

In my game I have the Dryads and the Hive. Both are at 100% relations with each other and with me and we are all in mutual alliances. The Dryad are significantly stronger than the Hive As I understood it prior to starting, this would be a victory condition, but it was changed with patch .905 so you must allied with the last man standing to win.

So - how do I go about formenting war between these two races? I have bankrupted myself trying to start rumours against the Hive for only a couple of percentage points of reduction in Dryad->Hive relations, which are then almost immediately restored by their own activities (trade, mutual protection, love of tennis, etc) making my money wasted and without options. Naturally, neither race will declare war on the other if I demand it.

So - what do I need to do? What tools does the game provide to cope with this situation?