View Full Version : We need more firepower

07-02-2012, 02:02 AM
At the moment combat is pretty boring and tedious since there are effectively no combat skills or abilities like in other RPGs and it's difficult to gear up such that you have enough energy to use a single weapon for a decent length of time without spamming energy spikes. This is particularly bad since at any given time you're usually fighting numerous enemies.

I think that it should be balanced such that if you have roughly equal tactical and energy CP with equipment at the appropriate level you should be able to use a single basic weapon constantly and recover energy as fast as you use it, without anything extra boosting energy recovery, so that you always have a basic attack and aren't running around waiting for spike timers to end so you can use another energy spike or waiting on energy to recover in another way. Second of all every race should get at least one race specific weapon slot with the more hostile races getting two. That way it's easier to fit in more weapons and if it's balanced right you can do bursts of damage with multiple weapons and when you run low on energy you can go back to using a single weapon while you recover energy so there is less of a down time. Third, there really needs to be some big weapons that do area of effect damage or have other special traits and quirks. They'd use heavy amounts of energy and essentially be the skills/abilities you'd have in a typical ARPG.

And slightly unrelated but the spike that boosts your thrust should be able to take you up to a slightly increased max speed so they still retain some use if your base speed is already 200.