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07-07-2012, 12:18 AM
New to this game, but an avid player of both DoP/DC.
Some early thoughts

A suggestion would be that Command is linked to different races, say humans start with L/M/H slots 2/5/3 whilst an aggressive Warrior race like Drakk starts with slots L/M/H 4/3/2 and each “win” (cleared map) would yield either a few points in Computer or unlock another Ship/Slot. At level 20 I still haven’t found anything that affects command and for the 15 first levels I needed to raise every skill leaving Command far behind. A bit more flexibility in how you build your ship at start would help, especially for new players.

In the (0.9.6) patch I´ve noted a change in early cargo box drops, but it still seems to low. Or maybe I just had bad luck? Would like some feedback from other players on this. Maybe this has already been tweaked in the latest (0.9.7) patch?

Think I found a spelling error, unless this is intended. Kranze (Fringe) gave me this message when talking to them:
”Keep ON eye on the sneaky shadow. They´d sell out their own mother!”
Keep AN eye…

All in all I think the game just needs some more tweaking and with the feedback coming in DO will be another brilliant game from Soldak Entertainment.