View Full Version : Demon War installs, but doesn't appear (Mac)

07-31-2012, 05:37 AM
Hi there!

I bought Din's Curse for Mac a while back from the MacGameArcade. It installed itself in /Users/user/Documents/MacGamesArcade/Games/Dins_Curse_1.0.24/Din's Curse. Been playing that and it's been working fine.

Recently I bought the Demon War expansion from the Gamer's Gate website. I downloaded the installer and ran it and it made a new directory /Users/user/Documents/MacGamesArcade/Games/Dins_Curse_1.0.24/Din's Curse/Expansions/DemonWar. So that all looks ok, but when I run the game, it's still standard Din's Curse. I can't see anyway to 'activate' the expansion.

Anyone know what is going wrong? I'm running Din's Curse 1.0.24 and my OS is Mac OSX Lion.


07-31-2012, 01:05 PM
The app is probably just not finding the expansion correctly. The app and the expansions folder should be in the same parent folder if that makes sense.

08-01-2012, 08:00 AM
After a lot of messing around I was able to get it installed. It looks like the standard Din's Curse installer from MacGameArcade installs a Demon War folder with a single zip file in it, and that blocks Demon War from installing properly, plus the installers seem to get confused with installation directories. I was eventually able to fix it up by doing the following:

Do a fresh install of Din's Curse in the default Applications folder
Start Din's Curse, enter the registration key, then shut it down again
Install Demon War into a complete different folder from Din's Curse. Strangely this seems to cause the Din's Curse.app and the Expansions folder from the real game directory to be deleted
Copy the new Din's Curse.app and Expansions folder from where you installed Demon War into the Din's Curse folder. But trying to start the game now causes an invalid registration key error.
Install the 1.0.25 beta patch from the Soldak website, and this error goes away. Strangely you don't even seem to need the expansion registration key.

Not all of these steps may be necessary, but they work! Hope this helps someone else!