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08-18-2012, 06:53 PM
I am having such a blast playing the beta. Thanks for the hard work, Soldak. I started out with depths of peril about 2 months ago, and am still playing it everyday. That led me to purchase the rest of your catalog almost at once.

Drox operative is where i want to be atm. However, The only thing that i find lacking is the rich history and back story that DOP had. I would fiendishly read, and re-read all of the expertly written tomes and monster discriptions, and nerd out like crazy within the meticulously created DOP universe. I noticed that Din's curse was also missing this component. Is there any chance that we could expect some DROX canon for those of us who really appreciated the like in DOP?

I also played kivi's underworld to death because of the continuation of the DOP lore. Seeing that there aren't many threads on this subject, I don't want you both to think that the hard work and creativity in this regard has gone unappreciated.

Anyways, great game! I cant wait for it's final release.