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03-22-2008, 07:48 PM
1) Does the AI have a separate questing/influence gain track that the player cannot see? Often in my games, the AI will not beat me to a single quest, yet they seem to do OK in terms of influence and crystals.

It would be nice if the AI quested a little more aggressively, even at the lower aggression settings. It seems like they would be a little more interested in unpetrifying people in town, since they spend an awful amount of time sitting around at the vendors. Maybe splitting the Aggression setting into two settings, one for warfare and one for questing would make this better.

2) What factors in to the reward for time sensitive quests? These quests can be fairly difficult to complete, especially when the target is at the bottom of the dungeon, but I have not noticed much of a difference in the reward level.

3) Does the world difficulty setting change anything other than mob level? It would be nice to be able to control the frequency of town attacks and big mob spawns. I have yet to see any BIG invasions of town, I am hoping they will happen at higher levels.

In fact, it would be nice if the world could become so hostile and dangerous you really needed to rely on the other covenants to help keep the town safe. So far I have not seen any reason to do anything with the other convenants than to destroy them ASAP.

It would be interesting if the number of attacks on town increased when the number of covenants decreased. And perhaps once you had won the game, after a few minutes the number of attacks should drastically increase to keep things challenging, after all you ARE the towns protector right? You just killed all the other protectors, so it is time to live up to your part of the bargain!

Maybe this could be extended into a two phase game. Phase one would be to win the game against the AI as is currently implemented, once that is accomplished, there is a Phase two challenge to 'permanently' secure the town, perhaps by destroying a difficult mob-controlled fortress somewhere (that spawns when you win the first part). This would make winning by alliance potentially much more attractive.

4) I am not sure I like the ability to teleport into enemy covenants. It seems like it could make for more interesting warfare if you had to run from your covenant to get back into the fray. It increases the possibilities for ambushes and increases the chance of running into another covenant you might be at war with.

5) Dungeons in general need some work. There really isn't a reason to have click-able light sources all over the place and the dungeon layouts are actually too random in many cases.

One way games such as Moria and its decendants have handled this is through the use of predefined 'vault' type rooms. The algorithms are more focuses on creating rooms, and then connecting the rooms through passageways. With some of the rooms being pulled from predefined templates, this could make for some very interesting dungeons.

6) I am beginning to discern a pattern in the outdoor areas! So far the scenery has been varied enough, but the outdoor zones suffer from all being the same shape.

One way that might work to introduce some shape into outdoor zones would be to generate much bigger areas, but then generate smaller randomly linked rectangles, some being islands in the zone, some being penninsulas. These rectangle-chains would have the appropriate graphic, fence, cliff face, swamp water etc but would give the illusion that the zones weren't just big squares.

You could take the vault concept from the dungeon suggestion above and apply it to the outdoor zones. I would love to stumble across a little Orc filled fort in a zone somewhere. With some rough timber walls and a few buildings, and maybe a central hut with a boss orc and a nice chest.

Or how about a graveyard, complete with iron-wrought fence, disturbed graves and full of undead. There could be a few fancy tombs, again with some bosses inside.

7) So far it has been difficult to find good loot. I suggest cutting down on the frequency of chests in the wild, and increasing the chances that the chest you get have nice loot. Dungeons should have more chests and better loot.

I see the AI walk by chests all the time, they should be more aggressive about looting chests.

8) I mentioned this before, but you should automatically target the nearest mob when casting an offensive spell that requires a target (if you don't currently have a target). Or at least make the next target key work when you don't have a target.


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03-22-2008, 11:49 PM
1) instead of having to program the AI to quest, they get a small quest reward a certain percentage of the time for kills.
2) there isn't one. it could be changed, though
3) i've had a town hit in the center by a wave of elite skeletons from two diminsion gates, while a force of other walking dead hit my house and the armorsmith got kidnapped. scout quests usually end like that.

Town attacks are actually pretty harsh. i've seen both of the smiths fall before i could get to the diminsion gates. once i lost every NPC but the steward to one unique

Taking out a massive fort would be interesting, but hitting several subforts first to weaken the town attacks and clear out some elementals and zombies from fort prime would be more fun, i think.
4)no, that would make things far too hard against a covenent with guards
5) if i wanted to play rogue, i'd play rogue.
6) interesting, maybe spawned uniques could do that
7) it's supposed to be. this game isn't monty haul.

03-23-2008, 09:34 AM
Those are really more observations than questions :p but some of them are quite valid.

3) isn't though, I've had a single unique wipe out three covenants and having me pretty much praying that it didn't come my way because it was way over my level. I've also seen hordes of those dragon kin thingies (not the lizardmen, the ones that walk on four legs) pretty much swarming the city and making mince meat out of everything.

4) Letting players walk would require a significant boost in the current ally AI though, since you'd want them to wait at the right times for others to respawn. If for example your Rogue dies half a respawn time before the rest of your raiding party (which happens quite often :p) you'll want her to hang around the base instead of heading out on her own back to the enemy only to get killed again. This is already kind of annoying with the current setup but an increase of travel time during raids will only increase this problem I think.

5) I do agree with the clickable light sources though, there's really no need to dim the lights, ever. Not even the Rogue's stealth skill is dependant on it and the difference isn't that great to the environment anyway. It really just clutters up the screen if you ask me. As for your alternate dungeon creation mechanic, I fear it'd too easily dissolve into a dozen different rooms being stringed together in different ways for each dungeon so rather than having something new every time you'll recognize every single room instantly.

6) I agree that the big square areas with (at most) one exit on every side and a gate hidden somewhere is a bit boring, but once more I don't agree that your idea is all that good either for the same reason I mentioned at (5). Organic world creation probably would be too much to ask for though :p

7) NPCs don't pick up items like player characters, and I quite like it like that. I'm not sure where they get their items with the current setup but I don't want my miraculously dropped last required set piece to be snatched right from under my nose by a lvl 5 Cleric from Defenders of the Faith with a smug grin on her face :mad. I'm exaggerating of course, but I really don't think it's a good idea to have NPCs open chests and pick up items

Just some thoughts from me ^_^


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03-23-2008, 10:28 AM
3) i've never had it quite that bad, but i think that's only because i managed to break through to the diminisonal gates fast
5) agree on the lights, not on the random rooms. i've played the games that do that. totally diffrent each time.
6) same veiw as five. there is an OPEN SOURCE game that does stuff along those lines
7) they get them from their kills. you can't pick up the items they spawn, they can't pick up items you spawn.

03-23-2008, 01:25 PM
3) I haven't seen any town attacks beyond siege engines launching fire from outside, and the occasional scout. I am tempted to sit around in my current 'winner' game to see if something happens, do they only happen while the AI convenants are still alive?

5) Random is good, but when random does not produce anything with any discernible structure, it can take away from the feel of the dungeon. Something like this http://www.aarg.net/~minam/dungeon.cgi?width=16&roomcnt=some&height=16&minroomw=2&maxroomw=5&sparse=some&minroomh=2&maxroomh=5&random=40&secret=5&deadends=75&concealed=10&level=1&resolution=20&seed=

Is a neat example of a random dungeon that looks like there might have been some sort of reason behind the dungeon in the first place.

6) The mob spawns are just too random right now, they are not really linked to anything visual. It might as well be a plain green rectangle you are running around on. Even something as simple as a group of three undead spawning around a couple of tombstones would give the spawns a little more connectedness.

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03-23-2008, 02:02 PM
3) well, they happen .25 percent of the time they are possible, or 1/10 as often as a monster starting an uprising.

03-24-2008, 01:08 AM
I've also seen hordes of those dragon kin thingies (not the lizardmen, the ones that walk on four legs) pretty much swarming the city and making mince meat out of everything.

What is it with those Caiman town attacks? I've also had one of these where the whole town was obliterated. Took over 20 mins real time for everyone to respawn:)

03-24-2008, 05:43 AM
What is it with those Caiman town attacks? I've also had one of these where the whole town was obliterated. Took over 20 mins real time for everyone to respawn:)
I don't know but after all was said and done (more done than said, really :p) I thought it was pretty awesome :D


03-24-2008, 06:44 AM
What is it with those Caiman town attacks? I've also had one of these where the whole town was obliterated. Took over 20 mins real time for everyone to respawn:)

I've noticed caiman-types tend to dish out pure damage at a greater rate than most creatures. Maybe tied with sentinel types, which are the two-handers of creatures. So they'd tend to kill all your buddies faster than an attack by some other, less talented, creature type.