View Full Version : ConDFW 2008

Delilah Rehm
05-07-2008, 02:39 PM
Is it still February? It must be, because I have a stack of blogs to post. Ah well... If you were wondering how much I enjoyed ConDFW in February(!!!), here's how it went:

ConDFW was smaller this year due to competing cons, and although I wasn’t excited Friday, this turned out to be a very good con. Many of my friends were at the other cons, or picking up shifts to cover a jaunt to meet Elizabeth Moon on Thursday. It turned out not to matter. I ended up meeting A LOT of people- fun, engaging people. Some of my friends were there, and I spent time with them too (also fun, engaging people).

Panels? Oh right! That’s what cons are for, to learn from those on the panels! :D The more cons I go to, the more I find myself hanging out with old and new friends more than attending panels. I did hit some panels at the con, including writing YA, writing short stories, porn vs erotica, space, what will the world look like in 100 years, and killing characters. Some I picked because of the interesting topic, and some I picked for the very entertaining panelists.

I was sad to see it end. Even when that meant I could finish Elizabeth Moon’s just released Vatta book 5. It hit me like never before, cons are my community. They’re were people like me go for fellowship. Science fiction, fantasy and horror fans, readers or not, cons are were to find them. I need to go to more cons!

P.S. I met Steve Perry, the writer of many awesome Aliens books. I was one happy fan girl!