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Delilah Rehm
05-07-2008, 03:02 PM
Now let's pretend it's March. :p

Who is Scott Westerfeld and where has he been hiding all of my life? He has written the best series ever, beginning with Uglies. Itís YA (teen), and itís incredible. Very happy-making. When Iím reading his stuff I donít want to do anything else, not eat, sleep, pee, or be bothered by the fam. Itís gripping.

My son wasnít so sure about Uglies. I mean, the name just doesnít cry out "Read Me!" to eleven year old boys, does it? I guess it didnít call out to me either, but I heard glowing things from a friend which really intrigued me. Finally, my son asked me if I really thought heíd like it. "YES!" So now heís hooked too and beginning the third book today (out of four books). (umm... in March)

Uglies begins in a futuristic society where adolescents are longing in wait of the day they turn sixteen, when they get the surgery to make them pretty and move into New Pretty Town. Except Tallyís friend runs away, and Tallyís told she wonít be made pretty until she finds and betrays her friend, somewhere out in the scary wild.

After reading so much Elizabeth Moon, I started to believe the best books absolutely had to have multiple POV (point of view characters). Steven and I talked about it, and he insisted that it depended on the story and some stories would be better in one POV. Well. Iíve found them in Scott Westerfeldís writing. He uses one POV and itís perfect. I still want to write like Moon, though Iíll be open to other ways depending on the story. Both Moon and Westerfeld have outstanding characters, flaws and all, characters I love dearly.

I need more Scott Westerfeld books! Bah!