View Full Version : Birthday's So Over, Battlestar Love

Delilah Rehm
05-07-2008, 03:24 PM
Moving on to April (yay! Only one month behind now)...

I havenít had a party in ages, so this year I decided to have one all weekend, Firefly watching by day (love, love, love that tv show) and dancing by night. SoÖ My birthdayís over, and Iím left with a mix of emotions, and they donít make much sense. Iím loved and accepted; Iím ignored and rejected. I had fun overall. The stream of guests was choppy, and in some of the inbetween times, I ended up (and enjoyed) watching Battlestar Galactica, season 3 (yes, as always, Iím behind on these things).

Whatís wrong with me, you ask? Loved/ignored, accepted/rejected. Scitzo? Or is everyone like this? Or do I have too much time on my hands and worry about stupid crap? All of the above? Ha! I donít know where all of this pondering is going. I spent some time staring at my picture thinking, "It all makes sense, if Iím a cylon."

Battlestar is awesome. I love turning things over and thinking about whatís happening in my mind. Like how the cylons behave just like humans, and the need to dominate is inherently human. Weíve been doing it to each other since the dawn of time.







I love Baltar and his imaginary Caprica. I want so desperately for him to find some kind of redemption. Iím very surprised he isnít suicidal. At this point, with him in Galacticaís prison, I donít see how redemption is possible. I will be very sad if heís executed.

I love Heloís Sharon, and wondered how she could find out about her baby without hating Adama. But at the time I thought Adama knew what happened. Itís much easier that he didnít, but I did agree with what Sharon originally told Caprica, that the baby was safer with the cylons, until Boomer lost it. UmmmÖ Not sure where Hera will be safe. Iím glad theyíre back with Helo though. I donít know why Caprica went with them. That made no sense.

The cylon, Leoben, really broke Kara by pretending Kayce was her child. I feel so bad for her husband, Sam, because she just canít tell him why she canít be with him. She canít open up to anyone, it seems. The girl has some serious commitment issues, and is using Lee to not have to face anything real. I want her to find some peace, but I donít know how she will, unless she actually has a baby (and thatís something sheíd never choose).

Whatís up with Laura? Sheís evil, I tell you! Annihilate the cylons using the disease? Exterminate them because theyíre not human and undeserving? She is just as bad as they are. She has the same mind set. Give them the disease because youíre desperate to survive, you donít want to exterminate them and will save some if itís safe to do so: yes. That would have been something Helo could have accepted. And then she smugly admits she enjoyed Baltarís suffering, and she longed for him to be guilty, regardless of truth. Evil. She has a cold, detached-from-humanity, monster inside, and that in its self isnít bad. Lots of people have that monster. I suspect soldiers often have it, a disconnect from humanity. Having it, and acting on it are not the same. The thing I hate about Laura is that she lets her monster out because of anger. To me, thatís the wrong reason.

I really want the cylons and the colonial fleet to broker a treaty, another seemingly impossible thing. The humans are so angry, so full of rage over the destruction of their twelve planets, their homes and families. They would demand complete freedom at a minimum, but that anger would be stoked, and the cylons arenít stupid enough not to recognize the roaring fire to come. Which is why the cylons will not except anything other than total submission. Each group fears its future safety, and neither seems in a position to compromise. Itís sad, really.

Before I snuck a look at some of the final five skin jobs on the Internet, I really believed Gaeta was one of that number. Technically, I guess he still could be. When Baltar whispered something to him and he freaked out, almost killing Baltar, I thought he had to be. Why else would he react that way? HmmmÖ Steven and I both agree that too much has been implied about Baltar, and therefore, he probably isnít a cylon.

Iím very intrigued by the final five cylons. Why do the seven not know who they are? And if they are in the fleet, are they sleepers? And if they are sleepers, what in the world is their actual purpose? Which makes me question the entire purpose of the cylons. It seems the seven have no clue what it is because they donít know who the final five are, and to me that means the final five are running things.

I love watching the descent and splintering among the cylons. Itís hilarious that they donít realize just how human they are. I wonder if any of them will ever get a clue.