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05-13-2008, 10:14 AM
This isn't an official announcement or anything, but the company bought an iMac a little while back with the hopes of doing a Mac port of Depths of Peril (and future games). So I've been doing a little crunch to see if I could get the game up and running on the Mac fairly quick.

Luckily, I planned for this when building the engine by using OpenGL and OpenAl, so it hasn't been too bad so far. As of right now the basics are working (graphics, sound, input, etc.). There are still a bunch of bugs and there are some features that aren't ported yet, but it's close enough that I feel that I can talk about it some. :)

I think the minimum OS version is going to be 10.4. It should eventually be a universal build (so far just intel). Hopefully the minimum computer specs will be similar to the Windows version, but I'm not sure yet.

Anyways, for those Mac folks out there that might read this, considering I'm pretty new to Macs, what are the things that Windows to Mac ports usually get wrong or forget to do? Basically, what are the things I'm not likely to know about Macs that I need to know for a port of a game?