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Delilah Rehm
05-27-2008, 10:47 AM
These are in order by which I read first. (*****)

Trading in Danger (Vatta 1) by Elizabeth Moon - The 5 book Vatta series is Moon’s latest science fiction masterpiece. After getting kicked out of the military academy, Kylara Vatta is learning merchant shipping by captaining one of her family’s merchant spaceships, and it could have gone well, if it weren’t for the SPACE PIRATES!

Marque and Reprisal (Vatta 2) by Elizabeth Moon

Kindred by Octavia Butler – This is one of the few stories where beginning with the end actually works. In Kindred, the main character goes back in time to the time of slavery to save a particular person. The main character is a black woman, and Butler doesn’t shy away from the harsh realities of slavery. Finding her way home, out of the darkness, becomes harder and harder. Just thinking of it gives me chills. This is a great book!

Dawn by Octavia Butler – What happens when the last world war comes and we’ve destroyed the Earth? It’s simple, if we’re lucky (or not lucky depending…), aliens abduct us. Except, they’ll have their own agenda, and it won’t be pleasant. Humanity has no perceivable hope, and definitely no say in Octavia’s dark world. Awesome read!

Adulthood Rites (Dawn 2) by Octavia Butler

Imago (Dawn 3) by Octavia Butler

Hunting Party (Serrano 1) by Elizabeth Moon – This is book 7 of the Serrano series is one of my favorite series of all time. I want my writing to be this good! It begins with Heris Serrano finding a captain position after getting unofficially kicked out of the space navy. She unweaves a tangle of deception while trying to save her employer’s nephew and his friends. The third or fourth book switches to Esmay Suiza’s story, and I was apprehensive about this move at first. I loved Heris! I soon discovered, that I loved Esmay even more. I loved watching her grow, discover herself, uncover secrets, deal with a complicated family, maneuver the sticky waters of love, and struggle with friendship. Did I mention I LOVE this series? (Still want to know, who stole Kevil’s money? Anyone???)

Against the Odds (Serrano 7) by Elizabeth Moon

Uglies (YA) by Scott Westerfeld – I heard about Uglies at a Con, and was intrigued. This isn’t the kind of book I would pick up on my own, and am I ever glad I did pick it up! Uglies is about a science fiction future, were between 12 and 15, you live in dorms in Uglyville. On your 16th birthday, you get to have plastic surgery and move to New Prettytown. Yes. Everyone does this. Except Tally’s friend ran away, and Tally is told she’ll never be made pretty unless she betrays her friend. This begins an exciting adventure, where Tally finds herself manipulated again and again, where the choices before her suck! Will she ever find a way to have the life she wants? Really good read.

Pretties (Uglies 2, YA) by Scott Westerfeld

Specials (Uglies 3, YA) by Scott Westerfeld

Extras (Uglies 4, YA) by Scott Westerfeld

Remnant Population by Elizabeth Moon – The Company is dumping Ofelia’s failure of a colony, and that means they must leave their homes, going to where ever the company chooses. Ofelia is old. She’s buried her husband and many of her children on this planet. She doesn’t want to go. She’s one of the last scheduled for the shuttle. Would they miss her if she hides in the woods? And what will happen when an angry sentient species decides to investigate the old colony? So, so good. I loved this story.

05-27-2008, 10:55 AM
Haven't read any of those... Sad. Being in a non-english speaking country has shelved all my planned reading. Boom boom.