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Delilah Rehm
05-27-2008, 11:03 AM
This is going around the blog sites. Add your list in your blog or in the comments section here. It’s fun to read what everyone picks. :)

Go to this page of quotes (http://quotationspage.com/random.php3), pick out five quotes that speak some truth to you (refresh the page as needed), and post.

Here are mine:

“There is no revenge so complete as forgiveness.” Josh Billings

“How dreadful knowledge of the truth can be, When there’s no help in truth!” Sophocles

“Once you can laugh at your own weaknesses, you can move forward. Comedy breaks down walls. It opens up people. If you’re good, you can fill up those openings with something positive. Maybe… combat some of the ugliness in the world.” Goldie Hawn

“Next to knowing when to seize an opportunity, the most important thing in life is to know when to forgo an advantage.” Benjamin Disaeli

“Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence, and I learn whatever state I am in, therin to be content.” Helen Keller

07-16-2008, 09:04 AM
Would it be ok to add my own piece of quote?

"Every free smiley is a good smiley" :)

"If you are a sad myspace smiley, don't be" :(

"Grumpy smileys lose all their cool smiley image" :mad:

"Too happy smileys make life better" :D

"Cool smileys are today's trend"

"Shocked smileys are worth looking into, probably a cool smiley shock syndrome"

07-16-2008, 02:37 PM
We are stardust.

Easy come, easy go.

Give peace a chance.

C'est la vie!

Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream;
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
Life is but a dream.