View Full Version : Missing weapons and bonus gate

Paladin Sponge
06-06-2008, 09:17 AM
Missing weapons. So far it's happened twice. The first time, I went through a secret gate or whatever it's called, after opening one of the bonus chests. When I tried to exit via the portal, the game crashed. When I loaded back into the game, I didn't have a weapon. Was using a goreblade, I think it was called.

The second time it happened, I was just running around with a sword and shield. Suddenly I notice my guy is swinging the sword with two hands. I popped open the character screen and... he's got a goreblade again. X_x

06-06-2008, 09:45 AM
What might have happened is that you switched to your other set of weapons on accident. There is a small button on your inventory screen that switches back and forth. You can also use the shortcut W.

06-06-2008, 11:29 AM
Yeah, that happened to me a couple of times before I realised I had pressed the keyboard shortcut by accident...:o

06-06-2008, 07:23 PM
ya same i guess it happens to all of us :o:rolleyes:

Paladin Sponge
06-06-2008, 08:48 PM

Bug fixed.