View Full Version : Mage follower won't attack

08-31-2007, 05:49 PM
I was a Mage myself, and my Mage follower showed 2 problems:

- He wouldn't attack monsters until they did damage to me. Even when I targeted them (right button) and started casting spells, my follower would just stand there and wait. It didn't seem to matter if they were in range or not, he would always wait until the monster closed with me and attacked me. I wouldn't want him to auto-assault everything in his spell range because that could attract way more attention than I want. But he should notice when I'm blasting away and join in!

- He wouldn't attack the lifestone during raids. Probably related to the waiting for it to attack me issue. Here, though, as soon as a defending cov member resurrected, he would assault them without waiting for them to attack. But when they were all dead or not around, he would just stand there and watch instead of joining in.

I had a 2nd mage that didn't seem to have these issues, and I've seen similar lifestone behavior in the past (also when I was a Mage myself with a Mage follower).