View Full Version : Mmmm Whirlwind.

06-17-2008, 01:09 PM
Hello, I'm currently in the process of leveling a warrior up through the mid-teens and have noted that, while the forums do talk some smack about Whirlwind it is actually proving to be quite a good investment in talent points.

While the damage penalty and the cost are high, one point in this as well as cleave are almost a must have for early leveling. I've tried other ways on other warriors but this is the first time I've saved up for Whirlwind and can honestly say I'm really pleased with it. Whats more is the splash damage from an attack when you are surrounded by a bunch of mobs seems to generate enough threat to allow your ranged an extra hit or two before peeling them off.

I think I'm going to keep putting points into the focus talents for more rage until I'm happy with my rage generation, get plate armor, and then just split the points between Whirlwind and Cleave on a whatever is cheaper basis.

Fun game, been enjoying it on and off for a month or two now.

06-17-2008, 01:43 PM
I find that with a nice 2-hander (low on speed, but high on dmg), whirlwind is really awesome. I got lvl 5 focus (50% more rage gain), and some points in explosive temper or whatever its called, and I use the thing at cooldown. Load up on +str and +agi gear to equip the brutal 2hander, find a priest ally with +vitality buff, and thing go pretty smooth ;-)

Whirlwind ftw ;-)