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07-09-2008, 01:26 PM
So, i got the idea that making items would not be hard at all. Hopefully i was right.

I want to make, for now, end game sets for each class. Think of them as T6 items xD Each piece would only drop from the last boss, and the chance they would drop would be like... 0.01 X 5 X Difficulty Level..or something like that formula.. And only one piece could drop per game.

the items would obviously be pretty uber. But they would level with the Harder Difficulty Mod...and probably any other mods that increase difficulty even more.

I admit ive not played deep into the game [not even hit 20 with any character :D] but what i want from you guys is.....ideas.

for each set i don't want ONLY stat bonuses, but i don't know what affixes are available. But let me over view each set..and you all can comment on them.

Also, be warned, i woke up 5 minutes ago... :D

Warrior Set:

I was thinking Armor, Leggings, Boots, Wrists, Helmet, Sword/Shield OR Two handed Weapon..OR, Instead of Weapon and shield...Ring and Amulet. Which would free up their choice of weapons.

Stats on each piece would be..i don't know +50 str and +25 Vit on each item.

But the fun part is..item Effects. Maby the ring and Amulet combination could increase rage generated by 25 or 50% on all rage generating attacks. The Armor could be Thorny, doing damage when ever a monster attacks you. the boots could increase movement speed by an amount. leggings would also be Thorny, Helmet would reduce the chance of monsters getting a critical attack on you...and that would be a rough over view of the set. The armor rating for each item would be almost double the highest armor rating of the best items at level 100, currently..i don't know what the beast armor rating is for each at level 100 :D all items will give increase % to armor and damage. {+10% armor on each item..or something like that]

All the sets will require level 100.


Robes, 2x rings 2x charms, staff, cape.

lots of +int +vit..LOTS, maby giving 500 int and 500 vit total..or something big like that. each ring would give massive mana regen, so much so that drinks would be pretty much obsolete., lots of increased elemental damage..or increased spell damage. Almost 100% increased spell damage. permanate frost armor, the robes would have a freeze effect on anything that strikes them., the charms would have like +20 health regen a second..or what ever is suitable. the staff would give a bonus to health/mana and it would give the bult of the spell damage bonus...the cap would give increased dodge...or, basicly it would decrease the chance a monster will actually hit you...

Anyways...i'll go over the rogue and priest after i hear everyone's thoughts on my idea so far.

07-10-2008, 08:40 PM
No one has any comments or ideas?

I'm working on a pretty large [large modifications, not size] mod, currently i'm working on making the world more alive, by drasticly increasing the number of events and quests. And i also plan to make all covenants quest ALOT more than normal, so that you actually have to compete for quests.

Also, i have a question, for many of the quest spawn chances..you have numbers like "0.5"...is this to say that this type of quest has a 50% chance of spawning when ever the game calls for a new quest? Or is it a 0.5% chance?

Also, i increased inital min/max quests to 12-16...i wanted to have all the quest givers have 5-6 quests at any given time.

I also am trying to make sure there is ALWAYS a recruitment quest and a Random NPC quest available. Ive increased the chances to 50.0..but it seems to have no effect.

Here is my mod so far:

__________________________________________________ ________________________________
//\\________________________________________________ __________________________//\\
\\ //
// \\
\\ CronoMod for Depths of Peril 1.010 //
// \\
\\ ModVersion 1.0 Authored by Cronodevir //
// cronodevir@gmail.com \\
\\________________________________________________ ______________________________//
================================================== ================================
//SkillUberquakePerLevel overrides SkillEarthquakePerLevel
// MinDamage 8
// MaxDamage 12
// Power 6
//SkillUberquake overrides SkillEarthquake
// BaseName $$Uberquake$$
// Power 40
// CastTime 0.01
// MinDamage 2000
// MaxDamage 6000
// MaxRange 600
// BaseCost 0

// Uberquake was a test skill :), you can enable it if you want to.

CronoModGameSystem overrides GameSystem
MinInitialQuests 12
MaxInitialQuests 16
CreateQuestTries 16
//4, 6, 4
NewQuestMinTime 10.0
NewQuestMaxTime 30.0
//90.0, 150.0
QuestTypeChanceMonsterQuestItem 1.4
QuestTypeChanceRevenge 1.1
QuestTypeChanceSiege 1.25
QuestTypeChanceKidnapping 1.4
QuestTypeChanceTownTraps 1.25
QuestTypeChanceKillMonsters 1.8
QuestTypeChanceKillMonsterGroup 1.5
//0.8, 0.5
QuestTypeChanceRenegade 1.4
QuestTypeChanceGhostRevenge 1.2
QuestTypeChanceMonsterQuest 1.5
//0.4, 0.2, 0.5
QuestTypeChanceThief 1.4
QuestTypeChancePoisonedSupply 1.4
//0.4, 0.4
QuestTypeChanceLevelQuestItem 1.4
QuestTypeChanceArmorsmithLevelQuestItem 1.2
QuestTypeChanceWeaponsmithLevelQuestItem 1.2
//0.4, 0.2, 0.2
QuestTypeChanceArmorsmithMonsterQuestItem 1.2
QuestTypeChanceWeaponsmithMonsterQuestItem 1.2
//0.2, 0.2
QuestTypeChanceMeeting 1.3
QuestTypeChanceWarAgainstBarbarians 1.1
//0.3, 0.1
QuestTypeChanceRescueNpc 1.75
QuestTypeChanceDelivery 1.25
QuestTypeChanceEscort 1.5
//0.75, 0.25, 0.5
QuestTypeChanceDeadlyPoison 1.4
QuestTypeChancePetrify 1.35
//0.4, 0.25
QuestTypeChancePlague 1.3
QuestTypeChanceAssassin 1.25
QuestTypeChanceMonsterScout 1.0
QuestTypeChanceWanderingVendor 1.9
QuestTypeChanceClearLevel 1.5
QuestTypeChanceUniqueMonsterSpotted 1.0
QuestTypeChanceScoutLocation 1.5
//0.3, 0.25, 1.0, 0.9, 0.5, 1.0, 0.5
QuestTypeChanceTownAttack 1.0
MonsterRespawnTime 80.0
NewEventMinTime 20.0
NewEventMaxTime 80.0
//120.0, 180.0
EventChance 2.5
EventChanceNewNpc 50.0
EventChanceRecruit 50.0
//2.0, 2.0

Paladin Sponge
07-10-2008, 10:42 PM
methinks a .5 means 50%. And going over it doesn't do much. Although curiously, there are sections that say, "1.30" chance of something or other happening. But I've never noticed any changes when I bumped the number up to something absurd.

Good luck with putting special attributes on your items. I managed to put things kinda like that on the town NPC's, make 'em more elite due to the high death rate they're currently experiencing in my game world. But those were things already in the game, like "defender" and stuff. Haven't tried to just make one up yet. Much less put it on armor.

I haven't seen what kind of end-game gear DoP has yet, so I'm currently unable to comment on the warrior stuff. I will say that the more pressing concern is to have mage INT increase spelldamage like a warrior's STR. Otherwise, that warrior's set will be about twice as useful by comparison.

Just some stuff I thought of. I'll engage you a bit more in the subject as I clear out my current goals for modding.

07-11-2008, 01:13 AM
Well, the item sets where kinda just thrown together..ive no idea about end game gear either..i tried playing with level 100 covenants..but they only spawned with crap gear..lol all greys.

07-11-2008, 11:08 AM
Here's how the quest chance stuff works:

Every once in a while (time between NewQuestMinTime and NewQuestMaxTime) the game tries to create a new quest.

There are a bunch of different QuestThreshold values defined in systems.gdb, it uses the lowest value that it can find that is above the number of quests already in the game and then uses the QuestChance value right below it.

This is the chance that the game will try to create a new quest. Many times it can fail to create the quest it chooses. In this case it doesn't try again, so the real chance is lower.

Then it picks a new quest based on all of the QuestTypeChanceQUESTNAME lines. In this case all of these values don't mean % or any other type of unit. The values simply are relative to each other. If one quest has a value of 2 and another has a value of 1, then the first will spawn twice as often.

Events work in a similar manner except use NewEventMinTime, NewEventMaxTime, EventChance, and EventChanceEVENTNAME.