View Full Version : Mod Dos and Don'ts

07-10-2008, 02:16 PM
Sticking my neck out with some general best practices here. I've been repeating this stuff too often lately.

Download the SDK
Read the documents in the SDK
Unzip the asset files to somewhere besides your Assets directory for reference/backup
Look in random files in the assets to see how it all works
Use loose text files for testing
Package up your mod files into a zip file once you're happy with the mod
Use the override methods described in the SDK where possible
Make a backup of your 'Depths of Peril\User' folder before starting your mod, just in case. IF everything goes wrong and you corrupt one of your characters you can always restore from your backup.

Edit the files in the original asset zip files
Copy your mod files into the asset zips
Try to distribute loose files as a mod
Unzip the asset files to your Assets directory
Completely replace an original file, unless asolutely necessary (skilltrees and UI files are the only places I know of where this is necessary)