View Full Version : Question about Deep Wounds

09-20-2012, 02:56 AM
In Din's Curse, Deep Wounds does an additional 200% damage over 5 seconds. In Depths of Peril, it only states that Deep wounds does 100% damage over 5 seconds.

But doesn't a Critical Hit also do 100% bonus damage, and do so immediately? If so, what is the point of focusing on say, the Bleed skill with my warrior, if Deep Wounds is just a Critical Hit that takes 5 seconds to take effect? Wouldn't Bleed be pointless compared to a skill that focuses on raising Critical Hit percentage?

The whole point of it in Din's was that you got twice as much bonus damage, which was the tradeoff for having to wait 5 seconds for it to take effect. If you guys (Soldak) upped it in Din's for this reason, why not patch it to 200% in Depths? Or is there some other element or advantage of Deep Wounds, which I am missing, that gives it some benefit over Critical Hit (since it does the same bonus damage)?

Thanks in advance for any help. Also, thank you very much for developing these great games. It is so hard these days to come by a good game that hasn't in some way been poisoned by the cold, greed-driven demands of a financially overstuffed corporate publisher.

09-20-2012, 10:33 AM
Well I changed it to 200%, but I don't know when the next DoP patch will be.