View Full Version : The Road to Depths of Peril

Delilah Rehm
09-07-2007, 10:21 PM
Even though Steven loved working at Ritual, in late 2004, he became dissatisfied with certain elements. I said that the whole reason he worked at a game company was because he loved the work and was happy. It's one of the values we both share, a passion for one's life's work. I mean, if he was going to be dissatisfied, he might as well work somewhere else outside of the gaming industry where he'd make more money.

We'd been planning on "retiring" in 2024, and Steven would make his own rpg game, a long time dream of his. When we looked through the options of what to do in late 2004, we had enough savings that this made the list. I thought, hey, one year of no income? No problem. Mid 2005, Steven had an engine up and running. Now if the artists would stop flaking out and dropping off the face of the planet... Heh heh. We did finally end up with a really great team. :)

I've always talked about writing. I've written things on and off for years. Somehow, life always seemed an inescapable distraction- work, college, babies, kids in school. Steven suggested I write for the game. He wanted a deep world that meant something more than paragraph descriptions in a monster manual. With his monster list in hand, I spent the next few months creating a world from scratch.

When I began writing stories, I thought maybe he'd take four out of sixteen. :) At the same time, I was reading Steve Pavlina's (http://www.stevepavlina.com/) self development articles on the web. Pavlina suggested creating change (stay-at-home mom to writer) by changing your environment and thereby setting your focus. I got out my writers books and put them near my desk. And then I did the thing that changed my writing life forever. I joined my first writer's group.

This group wasn't too great, but it led to other groups that were great (NTSFW (http://www.ntsfw.com/index.html), then Future Classics (http://www.future-classics.org/)). I learned more about writing in 2006 than I had all through high school and college! I attended a writers convention and loved it! Now I really enjoy my local Cons, Con DFW (http://www.condfw.org/index.php) and FenCon (http://www.fencon.org/) (where Double Edge (http://www.soldak.com/content/view/51/51/) won the short story contest in 2006). It is a place to hang out with people who love what I love.

I wrapped up the editing of the 24 short stories (just a bit more than four :cool: ) and some histories in the game in the beginning of 2007. Most of the year was spent writing dialog and blurbs... and panicking. Something about reaching year three and not being done seemed to grip my throat and shake me like a shark on lunch. My blood pressure spiked and I had to find a way to calm down without falling into depression. (Is anyone feeling sorry for my husband yet?) I got over myself. The worst that could happen was so mild (Steven or I get a job, big deal), that I had to let go of my fear of the unknown.

September rolls around and we are days from releasing. Guess what? I'm too tired to get excited or freak out. :D It feels like just another part of another day, and at the same time, it feels good. Late in the evening September 5, 2007, Depths of Peril (http://www.soldak.com/) is released for public consumption. This will always be a day to mark an incredible experience for me, a long and hard journey, more trying than anything I've ever done, and it's the first of many. I've been 'blooded' and an experienced warrior enters the arena for the first expansion... and hopefully a novel too.