View Full Version : Ultimate strategy guide

08-24-2008, 03:34 AM
What are you thinking about strategy guides for the classes, guys?

I mean like this


Would be great to create one for my rogue. Who will join?

08-25-2008, 01:31 AM
For a rogue, I recommend lots of points in Dagger Mastery.

Stealth, of course, and viper venom. Also get one level of Smoke Screen so you can enjoy that protection.

The other skills are really a matter of preference. You kind of have to invest in Slice, especially if you're like me and can't bear the thought of negative physical damage.

There are other threads in this forum where users really went into detail on just about every skill and they are interesting to read, but in my opinion a lot of the skills are good if you invest lots of points in them. I like having a rogue who can do lots of dodging and deflecting, but others may prefer a rogue who can dish out huge critical hits.