View Full Version : A Better Keyboard Layout

08-24-2008, 06:13 AM

Here's how I laid out my keyboard settings so they are ergonomic. The defaults are just too far apart, makes your fingers fly all over the place, gives you carpal tunnel syndrome, and makes you frequently press the wrong key.

I've positioned the most commonly used at the left side of the keyboard. For warrior and rogue, the attack skills I put at ASDFG. The armor/rage mode or stealth/caltrops at Z and X. The portal I've put at B. Food at C and Potion at V.

Food for recruit at T (useful if you're in the middle of a fight). E is pause (useful when you're buying/selling or when you have to feed a recruit or rescuee in the middle of a fight).

I've changed the quick sell from space to the middle mouse button so you can just click away with one hand especially when selling.

Character Screen is CapsLock, Skills screen is left shift, map screen is Tab.

The others remained at the usual/default: Q is still for quests, W for switch weapons, R for relations, etc.
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