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Bluddy 08-24-2020 06:07 PM

Planets and moons
One of the current issues is the number of planets. There still isn't a good way to take out a huge race, but here I want to address moons.

A moon is currently just another planet. This is a problem, because it means that you effectively have tens of planets per system, making race growth beyond a manageable point (for the player) extremely common.

My suggestion is to turn moons into functional extensions of the planets they are next to in most cases:

- If a race owns the neighboring planet, the moon provides an expansion to that planet based on the moon's resources. The moon cannot manufacture ships, and if the planet is destroyed, the moons related to that planet are lost as well.

- If the planet is not owned by the same race, the moon serves as a mini-planet, with a penalty to its resource production and population capacity. This allows races to sneak up to other races' moons and use them as bases for attack and such.

This will make it so that even though we have a lot of moons, effectively only the planets count, making it so races don't easily get to tens of planets (and making them effectively invulnerable).

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