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Default Can you mod the race's unique vendor powers?

I've been searching for a little while online for any examples of it, but I'm probably just not looking in the right places.

What I'd like to do is keep the powers the same, but reduce the number of clicks needed. So for example, 10x higher chance to succeed, 10x higher penalty for not succeeding, and 10x the cost to try. I'd just like to save the time I spend clicking, especially for the Scavenger races where there is no penalty for failing.

I see some info on it in the races.gdb file in Assets03, but mostly just enabling or disabling the power... not any stats that change the behavior of the vendor powers. I did see the chance for Scavenger though I haven't tested it yet.

Thanks to whoever reads this!

Had someone point to systems.gdb file, I'll look into that.

Yup, seems most of them are under "GameSystem" in that file, still can't figure out how to change the human's gamble ability though.

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